Thursday, May 19, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Part 2

The next set of pages in my Inspiration Wednesday journal. This journal was purchased from Donna Downey Studios. It's unique in it's size and material.

I started this journal at the beginning of this year so I'm posting a few spreads at a time but this journal only gets worked in once every two weeks. It will be done by the end of the year. For sure. Yuppers.

Magic happens:   Before I started this week's layout, I flipped back through the journal. I was really not liking what I was seeing. It lacked color or composition and I wasn't happy with most of it. On the first page, though, there was my word: Magic. This week I wanted to make some magic happen.

The big idea of the page was to use a resist with a stencil over a painted surface. So I laid down a coat of yellow paint, then added transparent texture paste through the circuit board stencil (on the left). Once that was dry I painted over the whole page with green. The idea being the green would wipe off the resist...which it did...sort of. (But that's pretty much what happened in Donna's layout and she made it work so I wasn't so concerned going in whether the texture paste would resist or not.) I made the green come off with a baby wipe...I like the old paint look of it. And the green color reminds me of painted metal for some reason.
 Using a dark brown, I underscored the circuit stencil and then added modeling paste around the edges of the spread. They were then glazed with Raw Umber.
Circle stamps and flourishes were added with StayzOn ink and then I put my words in. At first, I didn't much like it but this page has grown on me. The look of the worn paint on those yellow dots just makes me happy. I also like the fact that the modeling paste frames the spread. It's become my favorite page so far.

Pish-Posh:   Look familiar? It may look very similar to a spread in my Large Journal.
I used the scraps from this weeks spread in the Large Journal. This spread seemed rather straight-forward but it got away from me. I don't really mind all the papers coming together. I kinda lost it on the focal image. And the neon dots of ink just shouldn't have been done. I couldn't figure out a good tag and I got bored with looking at the mess. I admit I gave up on this page.

The middle insert says it all. I added my little mushroom because...well, because.

The tag seems stark and disconnected but by this time, I wasn't feeling it anymore and just wanted it over. Lesson learned: just leave the background and be patient. Ideas may come later for focusing in on what's needed.

I'm having a real love-hate relationship with Inspiration Wednesday this year.

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