Monday, May 09, 2016

Large Journal Part 1

So I am also working in a Large Dylusions art journal. This is the 4th book I'm currently working in but I don't anticipate this one to be done this year. I go to this journal when, frankly, I just want to spray some ink or use up magazine photos.

(My other three journals are also being documented here to varying degrees. Check out the labels on the right side-bar to see the Art Journal Adventure, Color Palette, and Inspiration Wednesday journals.)

So I'm just going to call this one the Large Journal.
I'll admit that my first page, isn't all that great. In fact, I took photos of it when it was completed and decided not to share them. But then, the first page in all my journals kinda suck. So I'm starting with page 2.

Robert Downey Jr:  I wouldn't call myself a "fan" (I love his Sherlock Holmes!) but I was drawn to this quote. It tied in a bit with my (awful) first page. It was also something that had to be was torn from the old Rolling Stone...the one that had those oversized pages. So it was seeing some wear and tear. I went ahead and sprayed my inks to try some stuff out then covered most of it with the magazine photo. The only thing I forgot to do was to write his name down there at the bottom. That is to preserve the celebrity that he currently is. How many of us can identify a movie star from 50 years ago? If the movie was black and white, I can't tell you any of the people in it, mostly. And someday, no one will recognize this guy either. Another reason I find the quote particularly humorous.

Labels:  This page began with me wanting to use up scraps. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished then when I can clear out some hoarded treasures. The page began with colors, mainly the ones in the striped paper. I just pulled out every scrap that matched it, mostly browns. But when I found the quote and the bottle in my stash, the page came together. (I did learn that if you mix Dylusions Bubblegum pink paint with white you get Pepto Bismol!) I don't create many "statement" works but this one worked for me.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this Large Journal!
Thanks for looking!

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