Sunday, August 27, 2017

Inspiration Wednesday: July

Yuppers, it's more ugly from the Inspiration Wednesday Journal. sigh.

I'm beginning to think that I'm releasing my subconscious stress and unhappiness in the particular journal. I like little bits of pages here and there but overall, there are few that make me happy. Few that make me proud of my skills.

These two pages seem to reflect that trend.

BeeLieve:  I had a good picture in my head and this isn't it. I liked the idea of leaving a little window for color. It really went wrong with the glaze. I probably should have gone a more yellowish tone to reflect my honeycomb but tried working with Raw Umber again. (I have decided never to use a raw umber glaze again. I never seem to like it.) I wasn't liking the page as it was so decided to draw my own bumblebees. (I mean, hey, I don't like what I got so try some stuff out, right?) Not quite sure about them. I think they are whimsical when I should have gone for more realistic. This might be a page that grows on me.

Garden Disaster:  I'm not quite sure how I feel about this page either. Donna used old paint skins for flowers but I don't keep that stuff. So I decided to just make a rainbow garden and draw it myself. I'm probably being overly critical but I'm not in love with it. I thought about pulling out a black pen and detailing/outlining some of it but I decided I'd like it even less that way. So this might be another page that will grow on me. (Note to Self: I think I'd like it more if the flowers were more "painterly". A blend of brushstrokes and colors.)

Sigh. Wow, this was a disappointing post. Here's the silver lining: I keep practicing stuff that I don't think I can do and I don't think I'll like. You never know what might happen along the creative process. You'll never find It, if you don't look. You'll never learn from your mistakes if you're afraid to make them.


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