Sunday, May 21, 2017

Not so Secret Project

I believe I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I was going to try to get two things done. These two things were left over from the previous year and never completed despite my written goal. One was a calendar of my artwork and the other was to finally complete a version of my Divination Cards.

I can report that I have several calendar pages completed.

I can also report that I am half-way done with my Divination Deck. There are two I need to finish up with little details and I have a pretty solid idea of how I want two more to look. I just haven't really had time to apply them. That's not too bad since it's not quite half way through the year. I also redid/reworked about three of the cards. I just didn't like my initial version.

One came out so well that I'm going to share it here. But's a secret. I won't be sharing a lot of these but I just loved how this came together. (Thank goodness for stencils, huh?)

Have a great day!

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