Friday, September 09, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Part 5

Back to the Inspiration Wednesday Journal with Donna Downey. You can find the "class" HERE.
I'm using Donna's custom made journal with an extra signature added.

Here's some new pages:

Create (with Dots): I couldn't find this "supply" anywhere near me. The background is a kind of drywall tape. The only ones I could find lacked the "dotted" texture and seemed more square. I could have used it, I suppose, but the dots were what I really liked about the tape. So I waited to do this spread until I could order it. After I got that on there, and the paint and leaves, I didn't quite know what else to do. I didn't want to add too much to cover it up so I just added words. 

I just loved the color palette with the copper metallic popping off the page. I didn't want a focal image on the page; I just wanted to stare at the colors. My quote is from Harry Potter. "Of course, it's all in your head. That doesn't mean it isn't real."
I liked this color palette so much that I used up the extra paint on some watercolor paper to make some cool backgrounds for cards.

Then, there's this spread that seemed pretty similar.
Bubbles of Toil and Trouble:   I decided to go with the Bubble theme and I loved the idea of jars. The colors for the background was a little playing around with my new Teal color. It's more opaque than the other colors which threw me a bit of a curve ball. But I decided to make the best of it's coverage and write my quote in the space. I was very happy with how my Dylusions paint pen wrote over the acrylic...very smooth. (I had a problem with the first set of these pens I purchased and decided to give them another go. I bought a new set and was more patient with the "priming" process. The black one is working quite well and the white one is better than the first. I may decide to do a post about pens in general as I seemed to have amassed a bit of a collection!)

On trying to decide what my jars should hold, the quote wandered into my head so I went with it. Certainly the way my life has been going the last month, it has seemed like much Toil and Trouble. But such is the way when money rules the world, or at least, my corner of it.

Hopefully, more posts and artwork to come for September!
"If butter were brains, you wouldn't grease a very big skillet."

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