Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sing-Song Art Journal (Part 5)

More from the Art Journal inspired by my PlayList of music.
What comes up randomly may end up here creatively.

Where the Streets Have No Name: I was not a U2 fan when they were big in the '80s but I have come to like some of the more popular songs they had at the time. This one, however, is a nice cover/mix done by the Pet Shop Boys. This page spread has a favorite multi-colored background of Dylusion Spray inks running together to give a very "rainbow" effect.

The street is black gelato because it was all I had that came out REALLY black. (I have since invested in a cheap acrylic black paint!) The lines were just small pieces of washi tape used as a mask as I rubbed the gelato over it. The sign is cut paper with white gel pen detail. I knew that I wanted to write the lyrics out so I didn't bother with too many other big focal points.
I just like the way the street looks, hanging there, like in a dream.

Monster Mash:  It was a graveyard smash! The background of this page is Dylusions ink again. I was testing out my new color, Cherry Pie. I figured this would be a more Bruce Springsteen layout but the songs didn't hit the playlist. But this novelty song did and I couldn't resist!

The background is a mish-mash of techniques. (A true mash!) Stenciling, White Linen spray ink, masking, water stains. The masked off circle reminded me of a Disco ball or a laboratory electrode. So I left it as the focal of the page with some electricity and quotes.

The opposite page had a boo-boo on it so I covered it all up with two purple tags I had already done. I just wrote the words, Monster Mash, with a black Sakura Glaze pen diagonally across them then taped them down. I also had this glossy paper with greenish alcohol ink on it as scrap so I cut out a head shape and drew up my Frankenstein monster.

I just love how this spread transformed! I had prepped it for an Americana feel but it ended up being quite the mash!

More later...I've done more pages...
"Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist!" ---Monster Mash, Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers.

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