Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Not much to say in this post, just wanted to share some pictures of stuff I've been working on. I've finally finished the first Art Journal. I'm just going to finish off the inside covers, I think with a few details as I didn't really explain or write anything IN the journal. Overall, satisfied. Some good, some bad but all a great learning experience!

SIGNS OF NINE: This layout started out as Love Potion #9 but when I added the cat stickers at the top, my mind wandered into what linked them all together. The number 9. So when I decided that, I added the background stamps of the numbers and asterisks. The skull and raven are actually some of those Halloween "illusion" cards. They look like they do but then when you tilt them they transform into a different image...too hard to catch on camera!

TIME: I was tired of the orange/yellow background leading me down a road of Autumnness so I rummaged through my box of Tim Holtz Thingies. I figured as long as I was going there, I might as well pull out that paper stash I had as well...Lost and Found. So here's a bit of an ode to the vintage. The progress of time.

CELESTIAL: On some pages I write the title, but others I don't. On this spread, a word just seemed out of place. Back to a swarm of purple, blue, and turquoise, I used up some starry stickers I had lying around. I've hoarded stickers from back in my scrapbooking days, not quite sure how to use them in my art. I've been slowly discovering that they are a bit frowned upon as they are someone else's artwork. But I look at them in the same way as collage images, clip art, and rubber stamp images. I didn't draw it, create it, visualize it, but I can alter it, scuff it, admire it, adore it. So for my personal journal, I will find a home for those stickers I just couldn't stand to part with!

DISCOVER RISKS: Loved how my background Dylusions blended on these pages. I wanted to collage but decided that stamping was more the muted look I liked. Some stencil ghosting on the cogs/gears side. I wanted to move from the creative chaos or wilderness into the more structured thinking of discovery and risk-taking. I wanted the elements of both pages to reflect the other page. While the mess of the creative wilderness hearkens to me, the orderly structure of the gears attracts me more.

A few more pictures soon.
"Comparison is the thief of joy." ----Theodore Roosevelt

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