Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Coming Together

The Northern NY Gathering is shaping up rather nicely. My panic is beginning to fade once again as I've planted a few boxes and wrote up the clues. I've come up with a do-able plan for my Puzzle of Ra after almost ditching the whole thing for lack of the proper box. I'm actually so happy with the new plan that I'm thinking of adding another step to the whole process if I can find a good image to carve.

People are beginning to let me in on Potluck Fare which is actually my next headache. I'm starting to worry about having things...not food or beverages...but paper plates, utensils and such. I left those open for people to bring just because I know it's hard to bring food when you're traveling a distance. I'll just have to wait and see if anyone volunteers and if not, buy some just before gather day.

I also changed my "door prize" thing to a bona fide raffle basket. Thinking about the cost of hot dogs and rolls changed my mind about the cost of this thing. Though the locations are cheap or even free, the food I'm providing may not be. I'm not planning on charging a lot for tickets maybe three for a buck or something. Just want to get compensation for the expenses.

I'm not stressing over any of the boxes really, now that the Puzzle of Ra has come together. The only one really on my mind is the Dice game. I just can't really get my butt in gear to carve the damn thing. I've got a design in mind. The biggest pain about the thing is that the carving material has to be cut into a cube. I'm the person who can't cut a straight line with scissors so getting a cube that is flat on all sides so it can be thrown as a die isn't so easy for me. I guess that's why I'm languishing on it.

I did have one terrible time planting boxes. For the night time loop, I had a box and I knew where I wanted it. Unfortunately, the place I wanted to put it didn't have any really great hidey holes. I put it where I thought it would be okay and threw lots of stuff on it to make it blend, but man, did I ponder this and that. Still wondering if I'm supposed to be covering all these boxes so well. I mean, I don't want people to see them in the daytime so they have to be covered, yet I put reflective tape on them so night boxers can spot them with flashlights. I'm assuming that the clues get them to the spot and as they "dig" the reflective tape tells them they've got it.

So otherwise, I'm sitting pretty.

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