Monday, October 19, 2015

Artist Journal: More Pages

Artist Journal: Strathmore, 8.5 by 5.5, thin pages glued together, coated with Gesso more often than not. Mainly used for acrylic media and collage.

More pages in my quest to be done with this journal by the end of the year.

Marble Halls:  I admit to having this problem quite often in this journal. I use it for extra paint...if I mix a color and end up with too much (which seems to be ALWAYS), I slop it on a page or two of this journal. Then, I get stuck trying to make something work in that color. "Mop up" pages, to me, aren't something you just paint gotta use what you got there somehow. So this blue-violet background with splatters of silver seemed a good place to use this scrap of stained glass patterned paper I loved. But it wasn't until I heard Enya's song, Marble Halls, on my random ipod setting that the page came together.

Purple Collages:   The next two pages were not meant to be a spread. I did the one on the left first. All of it, done, completed. Moved on. Mixed up too much of a reddish purple for a canvas and threw it on the right page. I decided to do basically the same thing because of the large "paint chips" I had. Each chip seemed to match the background paint color so I made a spread.

Experiment with Gelatos:   I had invested in another set of Gelatos, (Faber-Castell) this time the pastels. I wanted to see just how the colors looked and blended so I did the backgrounds with them. Warm colors on one side and cool on the other. I remembered to seal them with a bit of ModPodge.

The berries are torn papers from an Autumn pack. The intact paper is actually Indian Corn.

So what the hey, it's coming along. Experiment and get to work, that's my motto!
Thanks for reading!
"Rainbows apologize for angry skies." --Sylvia Voirol

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