Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Distress color for September: Wilted Violet!
(You can see my predictions for the year on this POST. Sorry for any pictures that don't show anymore...links disappeared!)
New Distress September 2015- Wilted Violet | 

Annnnddddd guess what? I called it!
Yuppers...on my predictions I wanted a Shy Violet (even got part of the name right). This is a great color to add in, especially with the other "brights" Tim was adding to the line.

This one will go next to my Twisted Citron in the category of "investing in a full ink pad". I have been rediscovering my love for ink blending recently and the large pads are just what I like to use.

On another front, I have decided that I need more practice or patience with the Distress Markers. They are quite the drama queens...very particular about what surfaces they like and don't like. I got so frustrated today in trying to color in some images on watercolor paper that I gave up on one image and have vowed to only use the markers "indirectly". By that I mean, I will scribble them onto a block and lift the color with water to "water color" with them. AND if I'm going to use them that way, I might as well just invest in an ink pad! My other solution is to use them on glossy paper where I seem to have more "blending" time.

I'm not sure what I'm suddenly doing wrong as I've used these markers successfully before. My only answer is perhaps the watercolor paper I am using is not "true" watercolor paper. The ink will just not move once it's down and I'm ending up with harsh lines. Back to the drawing board... to the score board:
It looks like this now:
Out of 7 releases...Ranger: 3.....Wyvern: 4
Have a great day!

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