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New Distress Colors: Predictions

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DISCLAIMER: I am a lover of colors. I love to see them classified, identified, and categorized. Paint chips excite me. I'm anal about it.

For anyone who "follows" Tim Holtz or loves his Distress Inks from Ranger, you know that new colors are on the horizon. Each month in 2015, will have the release of a new color in the Distress ink line. This mystery color will be revealed on the first Friday of each month and will be available in all Distress forms except for the mini pad. (Mini pads will be released in a set of 4 during the year, then made available as open stock next year.)

January's color is Cracked Pistachio, which I'd describe as a muted teal. It's a very patina color. At first, I wasn't thrilled as someone described it as a "mint" color. Patina is a better description and doesn't give me the heebie-jeebies. It's definitely a good color to add.

February's color was just announced! The newest color is Abandoned Coral. (Maybe the name will grow on me.) It's best described as a "pink-orange". It's more pink than Barn Door but more orange than Worn Lipstick. It's's coral. It seems to pair well with some of the brighter colors in the line like Squeezed Lemonade and Picked Raspberry. I'll have to see it up close myself to determine if it's a color I'll likely use. I need colors that will have a compatible blending partner...if it'll blend into Ripe Persimmon, it'll be more versatile to me. Otherwise, it might be another stand-alone color that I don't need in ink pad form.

So this gets me to thinking...what's next? What other colors does the Distress line really lack? Tim Holtz still wants to keep it very retro and vintage. I have high hopes for these new releases...higher certainly than for the "Seasonal" colors that came out several years ago.  (I'll save that rant for another post. Not a complaint just an observation as to why I don't reach for THOSE colors much.)
So my predictions for the next 10 colors of Distress Ink are based on possible expansions of color families as well as newer trends that seem to be popular this year.

Here are my predictions for the remaining 10 months in no particular order. (Yes, I decided to try my hand at giving them a name. With the announcement of Abandoned Coral, I don't feel so shy about my names...honestly...abandoned coral? Sheez.) This was harder than I thought it would be and I changed my mind a few times but here's what I'll say:

1. Wet Clay:

I predicted in one of my past posts that a new color to the line would be in the grey area...literally. So that's my first pick. This Distress color would be a darker shade of gray than Pumice Stone. Perfect for shadows and shading or even just stamping an outline without the BLACK!

2. Succulent Seaweed:
A dark green with a tinge of yellow that would be the darker shade for Mowed Lawn. It seems that Mowed Lawn is a stand alone kind of color not really blending well with Shabby Shutters or Forest Moss. Let's give that real green a little love!

3. Lucky Mint:
I realize that Cracked Pistachio could be a minty color; I haven't seen it in person. As much as I hate to admit it, we need a pale green to blend into Mowed Lawn. (I'm not much a fan of mint green!) The lighter greens already have too much yellow or too much blue to really match well with the bright Mowed Lawn. So I predict middle of the road green in a light tint.

4. Sweet Hydrangea
The Distress line seems to be lacking in purple. I LOVE Dusty Concord but sometimes it's just too dark. The Shaded Lilac is nice but sometimes it's too light. I'd like to see a darker shade of that lilac, a color that would put a dotted line between lilac and Chipped Sapphire.

5. Shy Violet:
While we're on purples, why not add a lighter tint of Seedless Preserves? Of the two lighter purples we've already got, neither goes easily with Seedless Preserves. Add the middle road; the color on the right.

6. Powder Puff:

With the various blues and teals already in the line, I was hesitant to predict another. However, there is only one light blue; Tumbled Glass. This color is versatile but there is room for one more. My predicted blue would be light but not a teal or would be a true blue that would be a tint lighter than Salty Ocean. In fact, it would round out a nice trio of marker blending between Salty Ocean and Tumbled Glass.

7. Rich Merlot:  I admit this one is totally off the hook. However, I will predict that Ranger will try it's hand at adding a similar color to the Pantone color of 2015; Marsala.
PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2015 - Marsala 18-1438

While the Distress line does have the Aged Mahogany; it needs a lighter tint to make it harmonize with Victorian Velvet. This new Distress color would also pair nicely with the deep browns of the line as well as the metallics in the stains and sprays.

8. Flashing Neon:
Ok, I'm gonna go trendy. Neon and fluorescent colors are making a comeback. They are very 1980's and are already available in a variety of inkpads. Why not add one to the Distress line? I'm gonna guess, neon orange. A nice bright vibrant orange...the brighter, bolder Marmalade would be a nice addition and stay true to the very "vintage" vibe of the line.

9. School Bus:
I have no better way to describe the yellow-orange color I think this line needs than "school bus". It is a unique color certainly. It would bridge a gap for those looking to smoothly blend the markers of Marmalade and Mustard. It might make a good transitional color between Mustard and Honey and from the yellows into the browns.

10. Playful Shoreline:
I can't think this release wouldn't have a brown. Right? There's gotta be a brown. So I'm thinking another light color. Antique Linen and Old Paper are great but how about a sand color. A light tan that still has some grit...some color that doesn't look washed away. No touch of green, or yellow but perhaps, a tinge of pink or orange. Light tan. Bring it on.

These color examples I picked look good on my computer screen but I realize that can vary greatly between machines. And naturally, nothing beats seeing it in person in a nice natural light setting.
So those are some predictions of mine. I wonder if any of them will come to pass. Certainly, though, I predict new Distress markers and a few ink pads in my future!

"Rainbows apologize for angry skies."  --Sylvia Voirol

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