Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Haunted House

A few years ago I made a Haunted House from a cardboard form that I bought at Oriental Trading Company. Seriously. Oriental Trading Company.

The form was bigger than I anticipated when it arrived and I had a surplus of Halloween scrapbooking supplies on hand. That's mainly what I used to decorate it. Overall, I liked it. Except that I didn't have a strong enough tape to hold the sides and roof on it. So after a year, it began to buckle.

This was back before I was blogging regularly so I never took photos of it. But I pulled it out of it's dusty storage cupboard and decided to fix 'er up! I figured since it was falling apart at it's seams, I might as well add a few more inside details that I had wished I had added years ago.

 So here she is: under construction. So I'm going to add some interior decor to the side walls and glue her up again. It is very different from the mixed media style I'm using currently but I still love it. The patterned papers are some of my favorites and it's a Haunted House! How can that be bad!?

So here are the renovations:

I added the two other walls. Just little bits to give the interior a finished look. That's because you CAN see the interior.
Originally, I cut the front windows and the door so they would open. So you can peer inside the little house through either or all of them.

There's the front and back of the house, too.
Like I said, it isn't any grand project but I like it. It's good enough for me!
"That's right. I am the Pumpkin King! And I just can't wait until next Halloween!" --Jack's Lament

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