Friday, November 13, 2015

New Distress Color November: Lucky Clover

You can see my predictions in this POST.

The new Distress Color for November is...Lucky Clover. Um...ok?

New Distress November 2015 - Lucky Clover | 

I can see the Christmas time value of this color and it seems to complement the new Cracked Pistachio quite well. I didn't predict this and it's not much of a "November" color to me. November always whispers brown to me but since Ground Espresso had already come along, I'm guessing December won't be brown.

My close guess was "Succulent Seaweed", a shade of green that would complement Mowed Lawn. My guess was definitely more of a truer green with a leaning towards yellow. Lucky Clover is indeed a blue tinged green. 

So I'll have to call this a miss for me. Well-played, Ranger. 
The score stands thusly: (remember I only started predictions in I'm out of 10 not 12)
Ranger: 4
Wyvern: 5

I'm fairly certain this will end up in a tie. Looking at my list, I'm not seeing a nice wintry color with the exception of Powder Puff, the extremely pale blue.
All things considered, I'm surprised I got this many right.

See ya next month, Ranger.
"But I was going into Toshe Station for some power converters..."  --Luke Skywalker, Star Wars

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