Sunday, November 22, 2015

Artist Journal: Will I make it?

More progress from the Artist Journal. Just so you know, I don't share all my pages...some just suck. That's why it's an art journal. I always try to remember that. Some days it's just about getting your hands dirty and letting the hours wash away.

Still trying to finish this journal up by 2016. I've still got about 20 pages left. Might be close.

Engulf:  This page started after I did a similar layout in the big Dylusions Journal. I had leftover bits and pieces and this tag that had been sitting in my space for far too long. I played with my Transparent embossing paste (Ranger) on the's the ivy. I went over it with green StazOn ink...but I really shouldn't have. So the rest is mostly an effort to cover it up. Don't get me wrong, I DO like this page but I gotta remember that the reason I reach for TRANSPARENT paste is because I don't want it to stand out. Duh.

Sleepy Time Blues:  Most of my backgrounds are just leftover paint that I'm trying to use up from another project. (I'm also on a mission to use up my jars of Claudine Hellmuth paint before I buy any more acrylics. Surprisingly, in using them more, I am reconnecting with heavy body paint and liking the texture it provides.) So this background was just BLUE. Decided to pull out my little collage elements and go monochromatic...mostly. I noticed that the imagery seemed to be quite peaceful and a couple even had sleepers. Hence the title.

Hot Frog:  If you've played games on Facebook, you may have come across Zuma. I was a big fan a few years ago but haven't played it in a long while. A frog would spit out balls into a chain and if you could aim it to make a match, you scored points. At some point, the frog would become a "hot frog" and the points you got were increased during this time. This crazy swirly background had me stumped until I ran across the magazine page with the frog. It all came together and you can never go wrong with a well-positioned google eye. ZUMA!

Go Green All the Way:  Guess where this page started? With the green bark leftovers from my Zuma frog cut-out. Then, scrap paper from my turkey canvas (post coming soon) and very old flower stickers. The toucan is another magazine cut-out that was going to be tossed. Made it the center of attention. I thought using all scraps and stuff that would have been thrown away matched the message.

Have a Great Week!

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