Thursday, August 27, 2015

TBT: July 29, 2012

A new feature I'm trying to keep up with is Throwback Thursday. So let's see what old posts I can dig up.

Here's an old post from July 29th, 2012 about a few projects I made with Coordinations cardstock and envelopes. I think I was trying to get on a Design Team for them. Good thing that didn't work out because I think those might have been my only ideas for using just plain ole cardstock!

The card wasn't too bad...I was apparently into ripping paper then, too. LOVE the torn edge look!

The envelope card was a bit random and I don't think I took very good photos of it.

But I still love my Matchbox for ATCs. I even made a few more of them afterward. The Coredinations cardstock is really good for that sort of papercrafting. It's very thick but still takes a good scoring. And the double-sided nature of some of the "packs" are very useful for boxes and such. With die-cutting being so popular (especially for boxes, gift bags, and other "some assembly required" items), this cardstock is a good thing to have in your stash.

Not that I have a lot of it...I still have the same paper pad that I used for all these projects! It was the Black Magic side of black, one side of a color.

This post reminds me that I should pull out the template I used to make these little boxes. It wasn't marketed as a template but I used it as such, and good thing I did, as the company (7gypsies) is now out of business. (So sad, I really loved their stuff with only one exception. Perhaps another time, I'll explain it.)

In fact, I just saw a good idea for using playing cards to make a countdown calendar for Halloween. This may be a cool box to store it in or give it as a gift! (Note to self...)

I even put a bonus card down at the bottom of the post and honestly, I still kinda like it. Another permanent addiction of mine seems to be circles.

In all of my de-stashing over the last couple years, one thing I have never let go of is cardstock. It is the most versatile medium for my creations. Yea, I get the urge to upcycle glass bottles and jars, and paint over wooden shadow boxes. But really, I like to make paper things...paper boxes, little tags, and my own versions of playing cards.
I have to get back to that.
I need to make more...little things.

Thanks for reading!
"It's not one big thing; it's a bunch of little things."

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