Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT: Fairy Queen

I've decided to start doing a Throwback Thursday here on the blog. I'll link back to some old post of mine and expound a bit on it as I see it "today".

So as I skimmed through my posts, I found this post about my Fairy Queen.

In looking it over, I have to say I still REALLY LIKE this canvas. In fact, I may just keep it. I've had it for sale but since she's still with me, perhaps, I'm meant to keep her.

In reading the post, I discovered that this was the first experiment I did with the Claudine Hellmuth acrylic paint from Ranger. Whew, they don't make that anymore. Guess what? I've still got that paint, though I have noticed that my white is nearly gone and all the others are half-used. I'm not quite sure what that tells me. Does that mean that I don't use acrylics enough? Or maybe, that a little goes a long way? Or that I don't LOVE them? I'm thinking it might be the latter.

While I dabble with acrylic paints, I'm not as in love with them as I am with inks. I LOVE spray inks, ink pads, watercoloring with inks, dripping with inks...about any coloring I do I like to do with ink. A close second is my Inktense pencils...where the "pencil" turns to ink with technically...that's still ink, right?

And acrylic is so hard to put any layers over...because you can really only layer with acrylic. So while in my post, I stated that I may transition into the Dina Wakely line of acrylic from Ranger or even into Golden paints...I'm now doubting that.

So go see the old post about my Fairy Queen and how she came to be. She'll be with me for a while!

"We become what we think about."  --Earl Nightengale

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