Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fairy Queen Canvas

Just a quick share of what I've been doing down in the basement.
I cut out a picture from a Marie Claire magazine a few years back and rediscovered it in my "collage files". It was a girl in a great seated pose on top of a doghouse in some kind of fruit orchard. It was the girl that got me thinking.

She looked so decidedly bored...or maybe just uber-cool. Maybe she had the splendid teenage indifference that said, "if it doesn't affect me directly, I don't care about it". Or perhaps she was just tired of what people thought of her. She was too cool for them, too diva, too much the queen of her own domain.

So I sat her on a toadstool and gave her wings. I let her wear a flower in her hair and let butterflies dance around her. I gave her a pair of shades and a crown to denote her station.

I let her be the queen.

If you must know the details, I began with my newest purchase; Claudine Hellmuth's Studio paints. I bought the basics of the line; red, yellow, blue, black, white, then added sky blue and a foliage green. ( I needed a minimum purchase!) I LOVE the divine jungle green I got with blue and yellow and I just added a touch of white to lighten it up to the next shade. I was looking on the Ranger Website where I'm certain I'd seen a mixing chart but now I can't find any of the Studio paint listed anywhere there. Have they discontinued this line? Just as I was starting? (Oh well, I may just have to lean into the Dina Wakely line of heavy body acrylic they just started...or maybe I'll just invest in Golden since they don't seem to be going anywhere...hint, hint: Ranger!)

I digress.

I employed the same method for her fairy wings as I had with the seaweed from "Goldfish Dream". I just stamped the wing onto acetate instead of paper. I embossed the other side so as not to smear the ink. Worked like a charm and the acetate stayed flat. Though the effect is somewhat diminished as I decided to attach it all to the canvas, it still gives the wing a greenish/gold shimmer that makes it look more "there". I attached it with gel medium.

I added details like a little shimmer to the toadstool by going over the spots with Silks acrylic in Ice color...which isn't really a color. Ice is more like adding a layer of shimmer over what you've got. It doesn't add any color and dries pretty clear. The yellow butterflies were the last bit just because the canvas needed a little something.

I made a composition notebook with the same idea but different colors and background...but still a fairy on a toadstool. I think I like this better. I might go back and tweak the notebook.

"All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust."  --J.M. Barrie  Peter Pan

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