Friday, July 03, 2015

July Distress

I'm gonna call this one a Miss on my part. Honestly, I didn't even see more shades of blue coming. The Distress palette probably needed this one though: the new Distress Color: Blueprint Sketch. (You can find my Prediction Post here.)


This is really a nice royal blue and will probably put my Faded Jeans out of work for sure.

I predicted a light blue, along the lines of Tumbled Glass but less turquoise. I missed this month but it's a good color to have. I'll be adding it in marker form and will probably invest in an inkpad.

So the score is: (Remember this is out of 10...and 5 have been released so far.)
Me: 3 (Fossilized Amber, Twisted Citron, Hickory Smoke)
Tim: 2 (Mermaid Lagoon, Blueprint Sketch...both blues!!! ARGH!)

BTW: I did get a Twisted Citron inkpad and it is just a really cool color. Blends nice with Mowed Lawn.

So how do I decide what products I need in what colors? Here's how I do it;
I decide what techniques I'm most likely to use with that color. For instance, Blueprint Sketch is a wonderful blue that I would use A LOT for backgrounds like sky and water. So I'll get the full size ink pad to do watercoloring and the distressed backgrounds. I am tempted to get Stain as well for this but it's not a priority.
I have little interest in the Paint...I have plenty of other paint (and honestly, I'm saving up for Dylusions paint...that paint has the properties I want in a paint).
I am not lured in to the Spray Stain as I am a huge fan of the Dylusions ink and will just stick with that line for now...and the spray doesn't do anything that the regular stain can't; it's just packaged differently. Same product, different window dressing.
I usually only get re-inkers when I need them for an ink pad but if I think I'd like the color in a Perfect Pearls mist...then I'd buy re-inker. (I have recently used up my homemade perfect pearls mist and will have a binge soon of making up more batches!)
And I decided to add ALL the new colors to my marker collection and weed out some of the older colors that I never use.

(Just a side note on the Distress Markers. I bought the whole set when they first became available...what in Spring 2012? Crap...really it's been 3 YEARS! Anyway, it has only been this last 6 months that I began replacing some of my colors from that original set. The colors that I had been using often or had used for a large project had run dry. I did try the "trick" of simply switching the nib around in the pen to get a fresh tip but the markers really had run dry. But my lesser used colors still work well. Wanna know what colors I've had to replace? Here's my list:
Chipped Sapphire, Faded Jeans, Broken China, Tumbled Glass, Mustard Seed, Scattered Straw, Spun Sugar, Crushed Olive, Shabby Shutters, and I think Peeled Paint.
Wanna know what colors I use the least?
Aged Mahogany, Bundled Sage, Forest Moss, Old Paper, Frayed Burlap, Brushed Corduroy
Yeah, I won't ever be replacing those markers...making way for new colors!)

So despite this set-back, I'm still winning in my predictions.

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