Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Preview for New Year

I've been trying hard to get some pictures of some current art journal pages, cards, or whatever.
My lighting has not cooperated. That is to say, the sun has decided to stay hidden behind gray clouds for the last few days. My job also hasn't allowed me much free time to get stuff done while the sun is still up. Christmas time is a busy time when you work at a place that can print cards and ship packages. My hours have expanded slightly so less time for creative endeavors.

I've been itching to blog but I don't have new photos. So back to the basics, I suppose. Just write some words. Yup, real words.

So the rush is on for me to finish up my Art Journal before the New Year. It's this one. I can do a bit in January as I started it in mid-January last year. I tend to do a journal a year in this size and format. This will be my third and I REALLY want to hit my goal. The Artist Journal (Here) will not be complete. I tend to work that one when I'm working on canvases and I haven't done a new canvas in a while.

I'll have one last post this year for Red Carpet Studios Challenge Blog. Changes are coming for that blog and I'm along for the ride. I'm looking forward to it and being a bit more involved. I do love to share my projects for that blog and we've got some great sponsors lined up. It should be very fun!

I'll also post a Year in Review for all the projects that I've made for Red Carpet Studios this past year with links to the blog posts in case you missed anything! It was nice to go back and look at all the different ideas. I still have most of the cards, only a few have been given out or sold. So I'm considering putting them all together as a set for perhaps a giveaway. Interested? Watch for that post after Christmas.

My resolution for next year is to start utilizing my Pinterest boards better. Right now they are merely a holding area for ideas or neat pictures or recipes. Next year, I resolve to use at least one of my boards on a regular basis. I will be referencing THIS BOARD, my Colors. This is where I save those cool color palettes you see everywhere. I want my next Art Journal to be THAT; each page or spread will be inspired by one of the palettes or photos saved to that board. Right now, I have 86 pins on it. Hmmm...I think that should be enough. I tend to save a lot of blues and greens. But I do have some neat palettes there. I think it will be interesting to limit my colors or challenge myself to use colors that I don't normally use.

I'm also going to start my Dylusions journal next year. I've got a few pages with some color on them...mop up pages but I don't plan on doing anything with this journal until my other one is completed. It's the larger size journal, a size that I don't normally work with and it's a bit intimidating. I like to work small, strangely enough. But I think once I get going, it'll be more exciting to fill the larger space.

I'd also like to be more consistent in my blogging. I'm going to try and work out a schedule for my blog posts and have a few more posts like this one; in which I just share a few things I'd like to try out. No photos, no tutorials, just stuff to empty my brain or share some neat inspiration I found somewhere. Naturally, with more blog posts, I'd like to do a few giveaways as well. Just crafty stuff that I've found hoarded away somewhere that someone else could use or a gift card or something I've made.

I do love to blog and I do it more for me than for an audience but if there's an audience out there, thanks for listening. Stay tuned for a few more posts in December then see how well I stick to my New Year's resolutions!
Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and feed the fish. (Just because I love some brainless little activity once in a while!)
"A bare tree stands
with roots on both ends
in December days."
--Kiran Bantawa, "Bare Trees"

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