Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Artist Journal 2014: Part 2

My continuing work in my Artist Journal. If you missed the previous post, you can find it HERE.  This is the book that tend to have more acrylic paint work and collage in it that my Art Journal. So here's a few spreads to share. I don't share everything but those ones that seem to have their own voice.

Neon Peace:  I don't usually take photos of pages before completion but this was an exception. (I had the background paint on it when I took the last batch of photos but it wasn't done. I took a photo of it anyway. The page has been done for awhile now but I didn't have any other pages done. I like to post a few pages at a time.) After trying to figure out what to do on top of NEON, I decided to just roll with my '80's vibe and throw in a little hippie '60's. I think I was finally successful in making a Happy page.

A Certain Darkness:  Opposite of the "Happy Hippie" page, this page was inspired by a tag I did for Halloween. I got this quote stamp from Unity Stamps as I use a lot of night skies and stars in my work. (what can I say? I love the stars and the moon!) The tag had an owl, however, perched on an outstretched limb of the tree. But I loved the look of my torn paper moon and birch tree, so I decided to recreate it in my journal. This background was perfect. The background was an odd bluish-green acrylic that I tried to tone down with a layer of gesso. I still didn't like it so I went over the whole thing with black paint and wiped some away with a baby wipe. I love the gelato "glow" on this page. I had used Mod Podge to attach my paper elements and gelato works so well smeared along the edges.

It's Not Easy:   This page was going to be some kind of bubbling cauldron with it's green circle background but my drawing got in the way. I painted in the cauldron but something was off. I realized that the lip of the cauldron was in front of my bubbling spray. I painted over it and tried again. Much better. Then, I outlined with a pen and cut it off again! So I gave up and collaged some dictionary paper over the cauldron to start over. But I couldn't get a good idea going. I decided to just stick with green and get the page over and done. So it's not easy being green.

Amazingly, I took more photos of started pages so my next post about the Artist Journal should have some Before and After shots!
Thanks for reading!
"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world." --Journey

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