Sunday, February 23, 2014

Red Carpet Studio Challenge #64: The Academy Awards

From the red carpet to the thank-you speeches to the fashion and the snubbing, who doesn't like the Academy Awards? It's movie stars at their best and, to me, it is a true test of just who has let it go to their heads and who is a bit more humble.

At Red Carpet Studios Challenge Blog, this next challenge is dedicated to the Academy Awards! The Oscars! When you make a papercraft project, add a touch of gold and share it with us over at the blog! You might win a chance in a spotlight all your own or a great prize! Check out all the details HERE.

Our sponsor is:
Mindy King, an independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts, has donated a mini organizing bin to store all those crafting goodies! One of the participants will be selected randomly to receive this awesome prize!

Here's my addition to the theme:

The Envelope, Please:  I was a bit stuck on this theme until I began to think what made the Oscars so traditional and iconic. Phrases came to mind like, "and the winner is..." and the one I used on the front of my card: "May I have the envelope, please." They don't use that phrase anymore as they come out with the envelope or read it off a teleprompter but it reminded me of a more "golden" age of Hollywood so I rolled with it.

I started with a black background since that's the way all movies start, in a darkened theater. I sprayed Gold Glimmer Mist over it to give it some shine and interest. Then, I added my phrase which I matted in a metallic gold paper, the image of Oscar, a collage of popcorn and the bottom border of gold paper with Tim Holtz Film Strip ribbon over it.

I just printed out an image of Oscar from my computer and cut it out. The film strip was just adhered with white glue. The glue dries clear and though you can see a bit of where it is, it really just adds to it's already vintage look. The popcorn box is a rubber stamp I carved from a clip art image and the popcorn is the back side of some stamped flowers that I cut out. I noticed that a small flower stamp I had looked like popcorn if it didn't have any pattern on it. (I also discovered that a cloud stamp I have can be used for a larger version!) So look at the shape of your stamps and see what the back looks like when you cut around it! After they were cut I just added some yellow marker around the edges for the butter and a center that was a little off so it didn't look like a flower.

I got the idea to use envelopes as the base of my card rather than cardstock from the phrase I chose. I have a gazillion extra envelopes hanging around in various sizes. I picked two sizes that matched but were still small enough to fit into another envelope for mailing. (with no extra postage) I wanted the inside to retain a pocket of the envelope so you could stick an RSVP note in it or something. My intention was set on an party invitation but it really could just be a card for any movie buff. I adhered two envelopes together by gluing their flaps together then I decided how I wanted to orient the card and ended up gluing that flap down to one side.

I wanted the inside to still look like an envelope so I cut out a piece of black cardstock to go around the flap. Then, I added the popcorn to the inside and an index card makes a good RSVP card.

I took the long way round to make this and in doing it again, I'd only use the one envelope. You can easily tape/glue a piece of cardstock to the flap to turn it into a card. (I didn't do it this way because as I worked I had a million different ideas as to how to use this and kept changing my mind!) The envelope still has it's pocket and you can write any invite info on it. Use the RSVP card to tuck inside. If you want two pockets, you can do my "long way" method but don't adhere the envelope flaps (once glued together) to either side and just leave them as a sort of "pop-up" flap. Both pockets will still be there and can be used if you make your card portrait style rather than landscape.

Hope you give it a try! Use up your old envelopes in a fun new way! And don't forget to share any project you do with a nice gold touch to it over at Red Carpet Studios! Hope to see your project soon!
"The first time I didn't feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!"  --Sally Field, acceptance speech at 1984 Academy Awards

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