Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The DreamBook: A bit more of an Artist Book

I alluded to the fact that I work on several projects at once now. Canvas, artist book, art journal, and sometimes tags in between the backgrounds.

Here's some more of the Artist Book I started about the Dream theme. Decided to call it the DreamBook. A few more spreads for ya.

DreamBook Home:  Common dreams include dreaming of buildings like old schools and homes. So I went not only with that symbolism but with things found in the building. I went with pink because of that 80's John Mellancamp song.

 The door and the window each has it's own symbolism. Window of washi tape frame and magazine cut-out behind. Door made of two manilla #5 tags.

I must confess that my very favorite center to any flower, especially daisies, is an eyeball! Painted them freehand and glued on the wiggle eyes.

DreamBook Garden Gate:  This page started with the Gate. I wanted to do a gateway and after the Home page, I figured a garden was the way to go. The Gate is just a tag covered with Washi tape. Put in the background with Dylusion Spray Ink and white paint. Stamped some flowers/weeds with StazOn Timber Brown. Rainbow in back is just an array of washi tapes.

The flowers have a bit of sparkle to them. I tried to dye them with Dylusions ink but the color didn't hold very well. They faded when dry and lost their vibrancy. Color Wash spray would be more the thing for these fabric flowers. No eyeballs here, but I was tempted!

DreamBook Godzilla:  If there is one thing I love about using an old book as a journal, it's that there are already words on the page. You really don't start with a blank page. I had been gessoing over so many pages, I wanted to get back to showing off the book. This spread developed by the words that I highlighted on one page and blacked out the rest. I highlighted each "sentence" with a different rainbow color to guide the reader.

This process is called Found Poetry. This "poem" tells about monstrous creatures being dreamed up and brought to life through art and cinema. So I used a common monster found in my dreams: Godzilla. When I am stressed, I dream of Godzilla raiding the countryside, destroying my home, or grabbing me up. Sometimes he is the monster that chases me; sometimes he is the monster I unleash and seek to control. In any case, he is a big part of my dream-self so I had to devote the page to him.

That's about where I am in this book.
Enjoy your week!
"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."   ---Edgar Allan Poe

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