Sunday, June 10, 2018

A New Eye

Creative makers will find this familiar, no doubt.

I have advised this to many and have had this advice passed on to me from many.
"If you aren't sure whether you like it, get new eyes."

It means to set that project aside. Get up from the table and go for a walk. Check in on your phone for a minute. Start something else. But under no circumstance do you go back to that project. Not until you haven't looked at it for awhile.

How long is awhile? That depends on how creatively stuck you are. If you feel you've just begun, then take longer than if you feel you're close to finished. (that's my personal policy) The point of setting it aside is to reset your mind frame and develop a new way to look at it. It works when writing, too. Write it all down as it comes to you, then push it aside for the day. When you come back tomorrow, read it through and edit as necessary.

Let's face it, some days are better than other for creative minds. If it's true that we are our own worst critic, then let's shut off that negative voice for a bit and get on with something else. Once we're out of that "moment", we can go back to the piece with a fresh pair of eyes. We can see things in it that we didn't when we were in the "moment"...we were too close.

That is this piece:

This work has no title. It started out as an experiment in using my fluid acrylics. I was influenced by the melting crayon trend. I had no intentions of making anything with this but as it dried, I was taken with it. I loved how the drips had slid down the paper and how the colors had slightly mingled on the overlaps. After going back to it, I figured I could use it for something because I liked it so much.

And herein lies the sword...that double-edged weapon of yore. I liked it so much that it became the one project that I never seemed to be able to complete. I could stamp on it, collage, or perhaps add more color. Every idea I threw out, I choked on. I couldn't lift my hand to mess with it.

So I took the advice of many. I set it aside.

And there it stayed for a very long time. I would see it when ruffling through handmade background papers and pause. Should I use this? No, a very soft voice would whisper, don't walk that path right now. You'll get lost.

I finally pulled it out earlier this year where I finally decided that it needed nothing. I had never used it or embellished it further because it didn't need it. I realized that I was happy with it just as it was. I enjoyed it because of the white space and small speckles. I was happy that the primary colors were still distinctive and yet mingling with their neighbors. I liked it in all its abstractness. (and I admit to not liking a lot of abstract art)

I even like the fact that it has no title. I can't think of what to call it and that rounds out it's artsy perfection.

What will become of it now? It will become a month in a calendar that I am planning. I actually have a prototype made up but am still struggling with cost as well as final details.

Sometimes art just pops up before you. It appears right under your nose. You can only see it with New Eyes.


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