Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lazy Sunday Journaling

I had low levels of energy today. I'm not sure why. Could be a lot of things.

I'm not very motivated when I'm anxious about upcoming events or "chores" that need to be done. I've just got a lot on my mind. So there's no better day to just play around in the old Art Journal.

Here's a couple pages that perked up my day and energy levels.

Ocean Scene:  I had this background in my journal from a while ago but finally decided to finish it up. Low energy means I decided to not think too hard. I had this sticker set from years ago that I have hoarded because I just LOVE it. What better way to keep it forever that to stick it in my journal?

Indiana Jones Tribute:  I have tons of magazine cut-outs I've been meaning to preserve in my Art Journals, too. Decided to pull out these of Indiana Jones. Used up some calendar maps, washi tape, and a few stickers. Mostly just had fun writing out the quotes from the movie. (FYI, my favorite is The Last Crusade. I didn't care for the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when it first came out but it has grown on me. And I'm not certain I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark in it's entirety. Temple of Doom was just a touch too gross and depressing for me. Ok, enough of my movie critique.)

Hope you have a great day!
I'll be indulging in some Indiana Jones movies this week, I think.
"Son, I feel there's something I need to tell you."
"Awww, Dad..."
"The carpet's on fire. Aaand the chair."

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