Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Inspiration Wednesday: Finale 2017

I managed to finish the Inspiration Wednesday Journal...and before the turning of the new year.

OMG! I can hardly believe it.

The long Christmas weekend sure did help out though. I just realized that I haven't posted photos from this journal since July so I've skipped a few pages. (You didn't miss anything fabulous, really.)

So here's the end of the book.

Fishy, Fishy:  Lots of texture pastes and random stencils. Decided to give a raw umber glaze one last try over the fishes. My dislike is confirmed...repeat...I don't like a raw umber glaze under any circumstance. Lesson learned.

Flowers:  Decided to try my hand at covering the pages with a single color. It was as close as I could come to the Donna lesson. Tried out my new copper paint and overall, it helped me to like the page.

Junk on a Page:  I was a little stuck on this one. After the background paper was down, I had little creativity left for collage elements. Decided the common factor was that all the stuff needed to be used up. I like the colors and the washi tape. The inclusion is my favorite part. (below)

More Flower Vases:  Another flower and vase attempt. This one is using new colors. Decided to just see how they mixed. It definitely went faster this time but I don't like the background color. But overall, I think I progressed with this page.

Washi Tape Face:  I thought about using a stencil for the face but I ended up just using it for the basic shape of head and neck. For once, the thought of tearing up little pieces of paper wasn't all that appealing, so I went with washi tape. (I had no desire to pull out the ModPodge for this page. Just no.) I knew the face would be "challenging" but I figured I'd stretch out into something abstract. I had a lot of fun with this page and I like it.

Winter Trees:  This is one of my favorite pages in this journal. I just love how my trees turned out. I finally found a satisfying way to use Raw Umber! I also tried out another "new" paint that added a glaze coat of glitter over the entire page. It doesn't photograph but it there. Also very happy with the background color.

The Final Vase:   The last vase turned out rather well, I think. My flowers aren't all that but I do love that they are done with heavy body acrylic so have a great texture. And the final ode to the lemon came out good. Also happy with this page and nice to end the journal on a high note.

Can't say whether I'll do another Inspiration Wednesday Journal or not. I like the size of it and it makes a great source for acrylic painting. I hate to do that in my other journals because I feel like I'm under-utilizing the paper. (paper that is meant more for inks and watercolor)

I guess we'll just have to see next year.
Good bye, Inspiration Wednesday.

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