Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Craft Time

I think I need to move to a country where you get paid well for working fewer hours. Where is that country? Neverland? Narnia? Middle Earth? Canada?

This past weekend I did get some craft time with my niece. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I decided to share her wonderful work.

I have a box of stickers, scissors, and a glue stick that are designated for craft time. I brought out a box of washi tape and two stamp sets. She started with the "critters" as seen above and since they had party accessories, she threw them a party. She colored everything in with Crayola markers.
 She then decided to use the stained glass window sticker to  make a church. She couldn't resist the cat stamps from Dyan Reaveley. The bird in the middle is the pastor and the cats are two families; the Sassys on the left and the Buttons on the right. She colored them in with Crayola crayons.
She used washi tape to detail both scenes. She glued them together with glue stick and wrote this on the back:

Once this was done, she decided to make some more scenes for the cats that I had stamped and colored with crayons. She made good use of my old sticker pile.

Cats in the Flower Garden:  I stamped, colored, and cut out the cats and my niece drew the scene and added the stickers. She was greatly inspired by the large flower stickers on the right. I like the fence she drew in with markers and how she left the sky very open so the viewer can focus on the important images. This was a great composition.

Cat Carnival Craziness:  Inspired by some stickers of the fair, my niece decided that the other set of cats I had colored should be at the carnival. These cats, we decided, look a bit on the creepy side with their button eyes and tilted heads...just perfect for a crazy carnival. Because we needed to clear our dining room table for lunch, I didn't get to cut out the littlest cat but she added it in by tearing around it. She knew that a carnival wasn't complete without a table for games and a snowcone stand so she drew them in.

We had a great time creating our little scenes and she even added a travel sticker to the back of each to let people know where in the world you could find these scenes.

With limited supplies and a good imagination, art springs forth.

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