Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Page in the Large Journal

I decided to use the Snow Day to take some photos of some art journal pages I've finally finished up.

Here's the page I finished in the Large Journal.

Simple Floral:  It may look simple but I learned a lot from this page and that is the big reason I work in the journal so sporadically. This page answered two questions for me. The first question was whether I could convincingly gesso through a stencil. I could and I could do it without a large amount of blobs and run over. The second question was whether the gesso would pick up the color beneath it or stay true white. I have had that happen with texture mediums where they soak up the dye in the paper and become tinted. The gesso didn't seem to have that problem. It stayed white and I didn't even apply a second coat. I was quite pleased as my intention was to paint over the gesso.

I also learned that I could extend the design of a stencil by just free-handing it. I've never had much confidence in doing that but this design didn't seem too tough. The bottom half of the florals was my free-handing and the upper part is the stencil...not too shabby, huh?

I was happy to learn that my gel pen worked well over the pink paint...Dylusions paint. I will be remembering that as my gel pens are hit and miss over most acrylics. I added white highlights and black spots and called it a day.

This was my test run for a project that you all won't be seeing anytime soon...sorry. I've already been working on it for almost a year so I doubt it'll be done in the next few months. I'm shooting for the end of summer. Maybe.

Have a great day!

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