Monday, October 10, 2016

The Witch's Tin

I have a terminal fascination with assemblage projects. I love the look of them but can't ever seem to get my lazy butt in gear to complete them. I, sometimes, have grand ideas that are beyond my scope but mostly, I just can't seem to figure out how to attach something. Having become more familiar with a variety of adhesives and alternatives to glue (like staples), I find myself drawn back into the Siren's song of assemblage or, as I sometimes call it, 3-D Collage.

The main stumbling block wasn't just my adhesion problems. I think I also needed to amass a certain quantity of 3-D items as well as substrates to assemble upon! I've finally learned enough about my supplies to feel comfortable attempting some 3-D projects.

So here's my first small project and most of the materials came from Alpha Stamps. (This is a great place to find miniature items of just about everything you'd need for these kind of projects. Whether its Halloween related or not.) Most of these items came in kit designed to construct a tin of potions. See the sold-out kit HERE. The kit page still has the links to all the individual pieces used here.

For me, this was a great way to get my feet wet into this type of collage without feeling overwhelmed by a big project. I didn't have to think too much about what I wanted to make. Instead I could focus on making it!

 The Witch's Tin:  This is a small hinged tin and it was unfinished. I colored it with Ranger's Alcohol Ink (Pitch Black, Eggplant, a touch of Pearl). The metallic mixative was used very sparingly as I wanted part of the tin to show. The scratchy texture of the metal itself was revealed since I went light with the ink. This is an advantage over paint; paint would have filled in those little nicks and scratches in the metal and provided a "smoother" look. The Eye is from Alpha Stamps and the words are stickers from Tim Holtz...maybe small talk?

So if you dared to open the tin, this is what's inside. I made two shelves for the potions of the witch. There is also a small skull and a crystal ball. The top shelf with all the crystal "bottles" are just glass beads with smaller beads on top to make them resemble jars. The background paper is from the Laboratorie papers from Tim Holtz. (One of my favorite paper collections he ever produced.) Even though this paper collection is 12 X 12, there are pages within it that contain mini versions of all the patterns. These little squares fit well within the tin.

I adore this little tin. I'm sure this will stay out long past Halloween!

Thanks for taking a look! Still more fun Halloween things to share this month!
"Tender lumplings's no fun without a good scare!"  --The Pumpkin Song