Sunday, October 23, 2016

Science Project

Remember when I said I was trying out some assemblage pieces?
Well, here's another addition to my growing skill set.

You'll find items from Alpha Stamps, the Tim Holtz Ideaology line, acquired stuff from my stash and a great flea market find.
This shadow box has plagued me a long time. I can't remember where it came from but I always knew I would make something for Halloween with it. I've had it awhile and was using up left over black paint on it. After my success with the small tin, I decided to move up in size.

I used collage sheets from Alpha Stamps to make the little books.

The background paper in each niche is from the Laboratorie collection from Tim Holtz. All these small bottles are also from Tim: his Ideaology line. I colored the bottles with alcohol ink. I wanted the look of this shadow box to be mostly vintage black and white but I couldn't help but add touches of color. (These bottles were an attempt at coloring. I got a rather spotty look which I liked. But I realized on the second set of bottles that if I kept turning the ink inside and blowing into the bottle, the ink would dry onto the sides of the bottles and give better coverage.)

The 3-D spiders are stickers that I've had forever! They are quite fragile and until now, I haven't had a project I dared to use them on!
This was a flea market find from many years ago. I found two glass syringes (no needles) and found them fascinating. I bought them not knowing exactly what I'd use them for but honestly, when do see glass syringes anymore?! So I finally used one here to highlight my laboratory/science theme.

You can't see it from the photo but inside this rib cage is a small red rhinestone "heart". The plastic rib cage is pulled from one of those dollar store skeletons you get at Halloween time. This one was a small one from a garland of skeletons. Yes, I kept the rest of the bones...

On the top of the box, I decided to treat it like a shelf. While the box has hangers on the back, I doubt it will ever grace a wall. I'll display it like this. The large bottles here are from Alpha Stamps and again colored with alcohol ink. I added sticker labels to them but because the stickers were mostly see through they didn't show up well. Only the one in the middle where I used the Pearl ink. The short squat jar on the very end is actually filled with a bit of black embossing paste as the label for the jar is "Cauldron cleaner". The little pumpkin was added because I just couldn't resist. I carved one of the little Tim Holtz pumpkins and painted the face with black paint.
Now that I've tried out a few small projects with success, I may have to tackle that BIG shadowbox I've got sitting in a corner. Um...maybe next year!

"That's right, I am the Pumpkin King! And I just can't wait until next Halloween!"  ---Jack's Lament

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