Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Art Journal Adventure: Part 6

At the Joggles Blog, you can find weekly prompts and a little inspiration about an art journal page. You can follow along or make it your own.

Here's a few more of my pages:

Week 30: Tribute to Donna:  This week's theme was to persevere. When I think of that, I immediately think of artist, Donna Downey. I like her collage work, her florals, and just the way she likes to throw paint on a page or canvas. Being from a non-art school background, she was the first person I saw that used her fingers to just blend paints on a fancy brushes or tools. I liked it. Poppies, teal, and collage are all here along with something I tell myself every time I get "stuck" on a project: "Forward motion". This is one of my favorite journal pages ever.

Week 32: Pretend:  This weeks prompt was to "divide and conquer...the background". I was getting behind in this journal and just wanted to play without thinking too much. I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. So I stuck with a layout I've used plenty before and stayed in the comfort zone of my underwater scenes. I was trying to combine another week's prompt here: "the rule of thirds" but not so sure I was successful. I do love the page, though.

Week 33: Jump for Joy:  This was supposed to be the Rule of Thirds page. I don't like it. Every time I try to think about the rule, I over think it. This page would have been much better if I DIDN'T lay out a grid, DIDN'T try to place my focals on a line, and just gone with my gut. The Rule of Thirds come pretty naturally to me. I don't think I have problems with where to place things. I like what I like and if I think too much on it, I screw it up. So this page isn't a fave...but I just really wanted to use those cute little frogs!

Week 34: Add Purple:  This week's theme was to use what's in front of you. I always have leftover "stuff" sitting on the fringe of my work area. Since I already had the green background going, I decided to stick to more purple like on the opposite page. I just wanted to collage some stuff but I admit I'm not entirely happy with it. I like the colors and most of the elements but that empty space kinda bothers me. This page may not be done.

With that, I'm only two weeks behind now. August was a bugger for me so here's hoping September is a bit more art-worthy!

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