Sunday, August 07, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103: Day 2

Putting up some fast blog posts for Creative Chemistry 103! I'm starting a Hell of a Week at work on Tuesday so won't have much more time to play with the class. So today and tomorrow were days to get a few techniques under my belt.

Here's what I "accomplished" out of Day 2's class:

Paint Resist:  I tried this technique mostly to play with my new Distress Paints. (I just bought 4 colors of Distress Paints when they were on sale at SimonSaysStamp. I have Abandoned Coral, Fossilized Amber, Lucky Clover, and Mermaid Lagoon. I highly recommend these colors for starting out! They mix and blend well together.) Overall as a technique, cool. I can see myself using this for more cards as the finished product is very flat, it gives layers with bulk.
Paint Lifting:  I enjoyed this technique as well except I didn't have Picket Fence Distress Paint. I used Gesso underneath the paint. I will be experimenting more with this technique with different colors of paint as the bottom layer as well as using Black. I want to use the above stencil to take a layer of black off of a multi-colored bottom layer. I guess I'll be buying Black Distress Paint next!

I didn't finish any projects but these will probably show up on some cards soon. Backgrounds like the one above tend to stump me as to how to use them. But I'll think of something...someday.


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