Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Page (Large Journal)

Sooo, August is almost over...and I feel like I've got nothing done and LOADS of projects to do.

I'm so behind in my Art Journaling I've had to make a list of all the pages left to do in hopes of catching up.

On the plus side, I have many projects in the works...just nothing finished. And guess what? I'm working on Halloween stuff. I honestly may just do that for a while since it seems to be the only kind of inspiration I've got right now. I'll be a tease and say that those completed Halloween projects won't be revealed until October unless they are cards.

But I did get this page in the Large Journal completed. Remember this tease?
I actually had a background in my journal that seemed perfect for it so here's how it came out.
Giraffe:   I honestly just wanted to use stuff up. And when I have a sheet of paper hanging around, I just want to rip it up. The giraffe gave me an excuse to try out my new color in PITT pens.

I got to use up buttons, alphabet stickers, and that feather. I didn't use everything I'd pulled out but I made a dent in the stash!

Here's to just making stuff!
"Creativity is intelligence having fun."  --Albert Einstein

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