Thursday, July 28, 2016

Color Palette Journal: Page 5

Rainbow Spring: #2:
Rainbow Spring
This was the next color palette from my infamous Pinterest Board. (Now at 253 Pins...ouch! Though I have noticed that some are very similar and I may be deleting a few. Sigh.) 

My first step was to find the colors in my stash. I found most of them in Spray Ink. Then, I played with the bottles on my desk. I just kept switching around the order of the line seeing which ones looked nice next to others. My mind liked the idea of a deep sunset and a stamp set with palm trees was poking out of a nearby box. So that's where I went.

My colors (as best I recall):  Dylusions spray ink; After Midnight, Squeezed Orange, Pure Sunshine. Lindy's Stamp Gang spray; Sassy Sapphire. The maroon color was custom mixed from two acrylic craft paints...a red color mixed with a bit of black. I added on a craft paint in turquoise as well.

Here's the page spread:
Rainbow Spring Paradise:   I knew the spray inks would be way out of control if I just sprayed them. I didn't want too much blending of my colors. So I used a paintbrush and applied the ink from the bottle, adding a touch of water to spread it further. I did spray the bottom ocean and was going to use the same turquoise for the band in the sky. After spraying it, I didn't like seemed to light. So for the sky band, I just used craft paint.

I added the stars to the background to give it some interest. 
I stamped my palm trees and waves and drew in the rest to complete my little piece of paradise.
I didn't notice until after it was finished that I had replicated the round tunnel shape of the spring in the inspiration photo. Bonus points for me!


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