Sunday, May 22, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Part 3

Another couple spreads in the Inspiration Wednesday Journal with Donna Downey. Things might just be looking up.

Working for a Living:  "Busy as a Bee" just seemed overdone for a title. This inspiration was to use napkins as your background. I was going to use some Halloween napkins I knew I had but when I found them these lovely sunflowers were in the same bag. I decided to go with these instead. Especially when I saw that my insert was a time card with "overtime hours" on it. Those busy bees seemed to be making karma come my way. As the background was quite busy (Ha!), I used more solid papers in my collage. If I have to nit-pick, I wish I'd torn the napkin up and turned the top half over so the flowers aren't upside down. For a page without ink or paint, I'm not gonna complain...I like it.

Fun, Finally!:   Finally, a page that I liked from the get-go. Even though this is a simple circles page, like some I've done before, I think it's what I needed to get going in this journal. Not a whole lot of thinking involved, just added a bit of stuff here and there. It's the color that really makes it work for me. I think that's what I was missing in this journal, my blues and greens. I did get stuck for words so I just used Donna's from her layout. It seems to work even without foil!

I think I may be hitting my groove with this journal. It's taken me longer than usual but I can see progress! I'm feeling good about it.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing what's new in the journals!

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