Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Distress Color: Ground Espresso

Hey, what can you expect from Tim Holtz and a product line called, "Distress"? Yup, another brown.
I didn't see this one coming. My prediction way back in March was for a light tan as a brown. I knew there'd be a brown but thought it would go light rather than dark.
Honestly, Walnut Stain is the dark brown that I'll go with for most stuff. While I like this color for the most part, I don't think it's a color that I'll use a lot. Or maybe, it will replace Walnut Stain for me...either way...I just don't see myself using both of them. This brown seems so dark that it's just about black. It might make a good shadowy blend into Gathered Twigs. I can see it as a good substitute for black but I don't stamp in Distress Inks. I don't like the way they stamp. So I can't think of a lot of uses for this color for me.

With this release announcement, Ranger now has another 4 colors to release another round of the "mini" Distress pads. While I originally, thought I'd buy them in this form as they were released, now I'm not so sure. The next 4 minis would be a 4 pack with Twisted Citron, Hickory Smoke, Blueprint Sketch, and Ground Espresso. Of those colors, I already own Twisted Citron in the regular pad; I have no desire to add Hickory Smoke or Ground Espresso to my collection in pad form, and Blueprint Sketch is one I'd like to own. So I guess, I may be waiting till next year to buy a mini pad of Blueprint Sketch rather than invest in colors I doubt I'll use.

I will, however, be adding them all to my collection of markers. That's how I tend to use color with stamps...I color stamp images in rather than stamp in color. I really have no need of colored ink pads except for techniques and hence, I'll only invest in colors I like.

So what's the score?
Ranger Distress Inks: 3
Wyvern: 3
We're all tied up. What color in my predictions am I routing for? Hydrangea blue-violet. Let's go purples!


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