Thursday, May 14, 2015

Artist Journal 2015: Will I finish it this year?

Same journal I was working in last year! I had such a hard push at the end of last year to get my Art Journal done that I neglected this one mostly. I have done a few more pages in it so I thought I'd share. I'd like to finish this one by the end of 2015 but who knows?

For those that missed it, this journal is a Pro Art Sketch book that measures 5.5 X 8". It has 80 pages which I am gluing together as the pages are pretty lightweight. I generally put two pages together with Gel Medium and then gesso the pages. I tend to use acrylic paints in this journal and not ink sprays.

So here's a few photos and general info:

Fly:  I have hoarded an ungodly amount of magazine pictures. (And I don't subscribe to any currently!) So time to use 'em up along with all the alphabet stickers I still own! Fluid acrylic over masking tape and dictionary paper for background.

The Splendid Sun:  Background of acrylic and some text stamping. The bright colors reminded me of hot summer days and this quote came to mind. Magazine picture along side was added as the colors in it matched perfectly and the black border made the colors even brighter. Love the face in it as well; reminds me of a face you'd find in the celestial object.

Turquoise Torn Eyes:  I painted a page black, used a Tim Holtz stencil with white, splattered with turquoise. But it's all about the eyes. I love how they seem to be underneath the background along the edges.
I wasn't sure if this page was done but I've decided that to add any more will only muck it up. I like it as it is.

Natural Art:  I was playing with whipped spackle (Faber-Castell) and colored some purple. This was the leftover put through a circle stencil. I added blue acrylic over the top. Stamped dragonflies were cut out and glued down along with the title. Meh.

Incomplete:  This is the page opposite the Torn Eyes. I haven't finished it yet. I keep coming back to look at it to see if an idea strikes me but nothing so far. I may just add some splatters and a quote and call it finished.

I haven't shared all the pages in the journal. I have some that are just "practice"...what I see as me getting warmed up creatively. When I get some more, watch for my posts under Artist Journal.

Have a great day!
"Give me the splendid sun with all his beams full-dazzling."  ---Walt Whitman

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