Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Art Journal: The Last Page

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I did it!
I finished up the 2014 Art Journal. I LOVE this page. I resolve to do more doodling in 2015. I need to make a list of all the things I really love to do and stick to that this year! I just have to POST it where I can SEE it...keeping it on Pinterest or the computer doesn't help me at all!

So here it is:

Curiouser and Curiouser:   I may have to resolve to finally sit down and actually read  Alice in Wonderland. I have only seen movie versions of it. Yet, I love all the nonsense in it. This background immediately made me think of Alice and her quiet remark, "Curiouser and curiouser." I was so in love with the background that I considered simply leaving it but changed my mind.

This image of Alice is from a group of Digi-stamps that I received as some goodie bag. I am unsure of the designer or company. I printed her out on cardstock and colored her in with Inktense pencils. (It has been too long since I played with my Inktense and I just love coloring with them!)    

I added the words to the upper corner as it just needed to be balanced. The background was the swirly stencil from Joggles. (Which is very quickly becoming one of my favorites!) Rather than spray ink, I decided to smoosh some ColorBox pigment ink through it. I got the idea to overlap colors HERE. I had a rainbow petal pad which allows each color to be removed in it's own smaller "cat eye" like pad. So it was easy to use the ink pad itself to push the color through the stencil. I used only red, yellow, and blue. Overlapping them slightly allows the secondary colors (orange, green, purple) to show up like a rainbow.
Because I did this through the stencil, the swirls remained white. I doodled patterns in the swirls with an ultra-fine black Sharpie. (this is becoming my Go-to black pen for art journaling!) I stuck to three patterns so the background didn't become too muddled.

So this concludes the 2014 ART JOURNAL!
I am still working in my Artist Journal. It won't be finished anytime soon. I'm not even half-way into it.

I JUST started work in my large Dylusions journal. This journal is being used for my Inspiration Wednesday playdates with Donna Downey.

I am tempted to buy another blank journal to start another Art Journal but think I might just stick with these two and try to complete several Altered Books this year. (I have a TON of ideas rolling around my brain!)

Thanks for reading along!
"Three hits to the heart, son, and it's poetry in motion. One could send you down the river. Three's a strange way to be delivered."  --Indigo Girls, "Three Hits"

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