Thursday, January 01, 2015

Art Journal 2014: Part 5

Quick pics! I never get much done at the Holidays and then I got a bit of a cold so I didn't make my end of the year deadline. BUT it isn't a full year for the journal. I dated the front cover when I started and it was in January. So technically speaking, I've got a little more time.

The Star: Did this for a RCS challenge.  Trying out my new swirl stencil from Joggles. Like how it looks with the black. Needed to use up rhinestones and who knew I'd have just the right color? Well, sort of. I ran out of the proper color and had to alcohol ink some crystal ones to match...but great match! I like it.

It's What You See:  Did this page also for the above challenge just to see what I'd like better. I made different choices here with the same basics: layered spray ink background, colored dictionary page stars, quote. I like this page but my quote should have been done in a thicker lined black gets a bit lost on the page. But other than that, I'm happy with this one, too!

Tentacles:  Sometimes, you just get something stuck in your head and you gotta let it out. I love tentacles, long wavy strands, hair blowing in the wind. (I have an idea for a large canvas piece, which hasn't made it off the planning board, yet, that has just that in it.) So to give myself a bit of practice with tentacles and drawing them, I did a page with them. I had all this leftover dictionary scrap and stamped the little circles and cut them out. (Scrap from the pages above.) Ripped out the main limbs and glued them on there. The background was mostly a mop-up page with mostly deep blue/indigo and splotches of black and white acrylic. It felt very bubbly to me so I added some stamped bubbles to the background to help it out.

That's it. Hope your New Year is starting off great!
For me that would mean just ONE more post and I can break open a whole new Art Journal!
"Curiouser and curiouser." --Alice in Wonderland

Comments always appreciated.

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