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Red Carpet Studio Challenge #78: Any Given Sunday

Wow, time for another challenge already! Be sure to check out Red Carpet Studios Challenge Blog for all the details on how to win a cool prize! This season is ramping up with some cool prizes and great challenges! You know you're going to make something anyway; why not share a photo with us?

Our movie for this challenge is "Any Given Sunday", a football movie about the underdog team making a comeback. So our theme is SPORTS! (Link up by Sept 20th!)
I admit I'm not much for sports but I did make a card about the only one I watch: HOCKEY!

Meliora:  This card may not scream SPORTS but the theme plays more like a soundtrack in a movie; you don't really notice it until the actors stop talking. The card started with the collage element in the top left corner; the old postcard image of hockey being played at the University of Rochester. The collage has a motto: Meliora; always striving to be better. So that's what I named my card.

How fortunate that I happened to find the city of Rochester in my geographical dictionary. (a dictionary that I am currently ripping up randomly for a multitude of projects) I ripped it out and paired it with my mini postcard. This made the card a bit more about Rochester, NY than about hockey but then I remembered a connection.

For those unfamiliar with hockey or the man in this stamp image, that's Don Cherry. He was a coach for the Boston Bruins back in the day and played hockey for a time before that. He is now a hockey celeb that shares his opinion on Hockey Night in Canada in the Coach's Corner. So what's the connection? He played hockey and lived in Rochester, NY for some years before moving on to bigger things.

The card seemed to lack an element in the right upper corner and I remembered that the University of Rochester's athletics symbol is the "Yellowjacket". And while technically, that is a wasp, I figured the black and yellow of a bee was as close as I could get. (the university uses yellow and blue for the colors on the Yellowjackets gear)

So now you know why all the things are on this card. Guess what? It has a personal meaning for me, too. See, I received that mini postcard with Meliora on it a couple years ago on a collage sheet of hockey themed images. I had no idea when I purchased it that it was Rochester, NY. I saved the image to use in some future project for my brother. My brother attended the University of Rochester and met his wife there. They currently reside in Rochester and work at the University. (Go Yellowjackets!) I visit them as often as I can and have been given brief tours of the campus including the large circle that includes the Meliora motto, the Rush Rees Library (which has many owl carvings peering out from it's tower, hence the background of owls, towers, and compasses), and a nice view of the Genessee River.
As a kid, my family didn't have cable TV. So all we could get through our "rabbit ears" was local stuff. Surprisingly, we got CTV which is from Canada. (yup, I live very close to the Canadian border. I can almost see it from my front porch! Haha.) Every Saturday night, was Hockey Night in Canada and I remember watching it with the men of my family. It was usually a pizza night as well. Peter the Puck was the best thing to watch between periods. In fact, sometimes, my sisters and I didn't watch the game but our parents would call us out to see Peter the Puck. (Peter the Puck was an animated little segment designed to teach kids about the sport, if I recall correctly.) Now Hockey Night in Canada has Coach's Corner with former coach, Don Cherry. He's outspoken and wears the gaudiest suits I've ever seen. I tune in just to see what fashion he's got on this week! (if you want to call those jackets, Fashion!)

Sorry for the longer post! But hopefully, you'll be a bit inspired to join our challenge even if you aren't much of a sports nut.
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"During the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, two Russian cross-country skiers, Larissa Lazutina and Olga Danilova, tested positive for Darbepoetin (increases red blood cells) and were disqualified. Don Cherry weighed in on the incident, saying, "I've been trying to tell you for so long about the Russians. What kind of people they are and you just love them in Canada with your multiculturalism." After the Olympics, Cherry addressed his comments on Coach's Corner and said "I don't regret one word I said "¦ I meant every word of it."  (considering the state of the world right now, maybe he's right...)

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