Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102: Stencils

Though I don't own a lot of stencils, I do use the ones I have. What has prevented me from getting more is the fact that I can't seem to use them well. I always want to use stencils as a stamp and that's NOT the best way to look at them. So today's lessons in CC102 were very valuable to me.

I did 3 (maybe 4) of the techniques today. I haven't finished all my lessons yet so the others will wait and one requires an embossing folder/die cutting machine which, as stated previously, I don't own.
The tag on the far right may be an ink monoprint but I was just going by the written directions and haven't watched any instruction.


Mixed Media Layering:  This is the usual way I use stencils. I don't particularly like this experiment but it's a good enough tag to put the directions on the back to remind me of what this technique encompasses. For my spray mist, I did use a Distress mix that contained Perfect Pearls so the very light green layer of leaves has that glitter sparkle to it.


Embossing through Stencils:  We learned the basic technique in CC101 but this just adds the stencil in. It always gives me trouble as I either knock off too much embossing powder or don't heat it long enough to form the resist. (that's when I swipe my fingers over it to discover that it isn't done and the effect doesn't look the way it should) But on my second try, this worked pretty well. I really like the Peacock Feathers paired with a dark brown like the Vintage Photo here.


Stencil Stamping:  I really like this one. I'll be finishing this tag for a card or something. I don't know if I got lucky or if I just happened to have all the "right" materials for this technique but it came out just like I wanted. I think this technique will be a new "go-to" for me. Since I like it so much, that is how I can narrow down my quest for stencils...I can get ones that will lend themselves for this technique.


Ink Monoprint:  I haven't watched the video for this technique but going by the directions, this is my tag result. This is also something I am accustomed to doing. I will wipe off excess ink from my stenciling onto a page in my art journal or onto some blank tags to start a new background.
This is what I mean when I say I see stencils as stamps...I like the look of this better than actually stenciling.

As a side note, I pulled out my Distress Stains today which I haven't used in TOO LONG as they were super fun to play with. AND I really love Picked Raspberry (featured in my heart above). It's just a delicious color.

"Happy Place!" ---Donna Downey


  1. Wow - your tags are fantastic! I didn't try the embossing or stamping through the stencil - you've inspired me to to both!

  2. So far so good. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow such beautiful tags :)
    I especially love the one with the vine leaf, stamping through the stencil, it's gorgeous and I think that is my favorite technique over the whole class too