Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Sing Song Art Journal Pages

I realized I'd been spending so much time making canvases that I had neglected my Art Journal. So I gave it a little love this past week. Remember this Art Journal is based on the songs that I listen to while creating. I set my music on a random shuffle and see what comes up to inspire a layout or two.  I'm working with a base of Dylusions Ink Sprays for a palette of colors to give me a start. Then, I throw on the earphones and see what shakes me up. Some songs are more inspiring than others especially when you already have something started like this spread.

You Gotta B: This spread started out very red. I tried to use the song "Auld Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg but no images really came to me. I drew some SAD champagne glasses in a toast but absolutely HATED it. I did like the Washi tape treatment at the top of the pages so thought maybe I'd spray some more Dylusions on it.


That created more of brown mess than anything. So I gessoed the bottom 3/4 of the page to cover a lot of the mess and my crappy drawing. A few more songs played through as I tried to figure out what to do with this orangish, brownish, reddish mess.

I had the butterflies laying in my scraps pile and decided that the colors would match pretty well. Then the song came up that I needed: You Gotta Be by Des'ree. I wrote the words in there and finished with more washi tape in orange.

A few buttons tied the orange quality into the page. I think I will color the smaller butterfly with orange. I debated on it and now looking back at it, I think the white is too stark. I thought I would just hate this layout but it has grown on me and the interest of all the cover-up layers is pretty cool.

Note: I will say that I don't share all my pages in this journal because some really are too crappy to be photographed! :)

 Little Star Mix:  This spread began with Madonna's song "Little Star". I had recently purchased two new Dylusions sprays to add to my arsenal: Cherry Pie and White Linen. I really wanted to try the White over some of my favorite colors. I had a cardboard makeshift stencil of stars so experimented with that. Really like it. But this song wasn't inspiring any more than that. So I had a lot of space to fill. This is one of those layouts where I did a peice of it then put it aside while I worked on other things until I came up with another inspiring moment to add.

 I am an '80's music buff and when this song, "Life in a Northern Town", came up in my earphones, I knew I could use it. These white glittery flowers always sit near my sprays and they looked like large snowflakes all of a sudden. This song was all about the quote, really. This was one of those songs that resonated with me and took me back to my teenage years...the solitude of a kid in a small town in the winter.

I had the pansy and another butterfly laying in the scrap pile so I used them. This butterfly is exactly like the one on the You Gotta B layout but I altered it. I sprayed it with a lt blue Smooch Spray to make it shimmer and then I outlined the brown ink with black Sakura Glaze pen (same as the writing on the pages). I just knew the colors of both fit the page. Then, a Belinda Carlisle song, "I Feel Free" came on and that just seemed to fit with the butterfly. The next song was lucky, perhaps. It was Sting's "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free". So I added those words and called it a finished page.
Overall, it seems a tad bare to me but the real point of this page was to test out White Linen spray.

I'm beginning to think that the worse I mess up a page, the more I like the end result. The page that I was trying to cover up stuff ended up better (in my opinion) than the one with the colors that I like. Perhaps I just need to detach myself from the background and feel confident about covering it up.

I'm learning.
Stay tuned.
"They say these waters aren't what they used to be but I got people back on land who count on me."
                                                                ---Billy Joel, "Downeaster Alexa"

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  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Life In a Northern Town! By Alphaville? I grew up in rural Northern Michigan when that song was popular...

    Love how your pages turned out.