Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Few More Cards

Just sharing some photos of a few more cards I've made recently.

I find that the Easel Card is one of my favorites to do. It can be done in any size and it becomes it's own display with no fancy cutting...just a single fold in the middle.

Nothing really fancy here. I didn't even pull out the embossing heat tool. I just wanted to use up stuff and make something cool.

Enjoy the photos.

These cards aren't Easel cards but A2 sized.

The next two cards are square cards. I don't usually do square ones as they cost extra postage to mail but I had been gifted the card blanks. I thought the orange might be difficult to work with but I think I can make use of them. Really love the all-over butterfly card!

The square cards didn't come with envelopes so I will be figuring out how to make my own. So I'll have that to share with you soon.

See ya next post!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Scrap: Cards

I admit that I love uniquely folded greeting cards and interactive cards.

I also admit that I don't like to make them. At least, not a bunch of them.

That's probably why I ended up with a bunch of pre-scored, pre-cut cards that are designed to be more elaborate than your everyday fold. I bought a bunch of these template cards from Paperwishes last year and hardly cracked one pack open...until today.

Today, I decided to use up those templates before I did anything else. And there's no better way to get going on a project than with the scraps left over on your table.

So enjoy the photos.

This first bunch was called Center Fold Cards. I'd actually do these again because it was pretty easy to cut the pieces and there were only 3-4 pieces. So these might be on my re-order list.

I can't remember what the next card is called but I do know that my sister knows how to cut this and fold it. That being the case, this next style is not on my re-order list. I didn't much like making it as there just seemed to be too much real estate to cover, if you know what I mean.

I made another one of these but it didn't photograph too well.

I also made some Pop Box cards...actually, I have no idea what they're called. It's a card that pops up into a box that has little doodads sticking out the top. Well, you'll know what I mean when I photograph them. (I can't share one of them till later this month. It's a birthday card for my brother who reads the blog!) Anyway, I still have one more of those to do. Those are a template I may re-order as well. I really like the form and it's only a square that needs to be cut.

I made other cards, too. I felt like I was on quite a roll. I'll share those in another post.
It felt good to use up some of the stash!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Scrap: Art Journal

I've been very "on the fence" about starting in with the Art Journal Adventure this year. It's a weekly prompt and I never seem to have time to make a page a week. I can sit down to do many prompts at once but it hardly seems the point. If I had done Week 1 when it went up, I never would have the theme for Week 3 in my head simultaneously. So somehow it just doesn't seem genuine.

But that doesn't mean I won't be working in an Art Journal. In fact, I plan to play in several. (And just wait until the Dyalog system becomes available. Geez. I'm already excited about that.) Anyway, here's another page or two. I did these in a large Dylusions journal today.

Animal Adventure:  Just decided to use up scrap papers. If you are a fan of the blog, you know I have PAPER. I wanted to use up a bunch that had been on my table for too long. This didn't start as a 2 page spread. I did the left side then still had paper so just did the right side as well. Also great practice for PITT pen outlining.

So I went to photograph (and not very well) the other page I completed today, and this happened.

My cat, Cloudy, decided to make my page her sitting place and sleeping pad. Fortunately, all the glue was dry! It's nice to know she likes my Art Journal, too.
Anyway, after some treats, I managed to get a couple photos of the other page I completed today.

Sweet Nothing:  My attempt at an Ultra Violet page. I used an old greeting card front that I had made several years ago with a tag on it. Not sure why I pulled the card out of my stash. I sometimes think that some of my cards are too "artsy" for people. I think "why would anyone send someone that card?" But I'm trying to remind myself that cards can be little slices of artwork that someone buys for a friend. I'm gearing up for an Ultra Violet project and this page helped me to test out some color sprays.
Apologies for the quality of the photo. I must have had cat hair on the lens.

Have a great week!
PS: Cloudy says Hey.