Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Pages and News

The Bright Side:  I've been in a very yellow-orange mood lately. Just wanted to bust out a stencil I haven't used yet. I wonder if it's because I've been thinking about Halloween.

Done That:  This one may look familiar. I liked the other page so much that I wondered what would happen if I used black embossing paste for the flowers. This page was the negative image of the other. See:

When I made this page, I sprayed through the stencil to make orange and pink flowers. Because there was ink then all over the stencil, I flipped it over onto the upper page. So the background was orange and pink with the flowers blank. So even though the end result is basically the same, they were done differently.

In other news, I have fallen terribly behind in my 6 X 6 challenge. I think it may have run its course. Some of the recent themes are very interesting to me but for some reason I can't seem to bring it together in a page. I may try to catch up through the end of July and call it done.

I also will have a canvas on display at the end of the week at the Gibson Gallery on the SUNY Potsdam campus. Details can be found at my Facebook page. It's called "Moonshine" and if you follow the blog, then you've already seen my inspiration art journal page. If you are local to the Potsdam, NY area or visiting for college alumni weekend, stop by the gallery to see a lot of wonderful artwork from a host of local artists. 

Lastly, I am dwelling on Halloween. It's always around this time of year, I try to start planning projects for my HUGE Halloween month long blog celebration. Last year, I went with a theme of green but I'm not sure I want to go with a theme this year. All I am sure about is that a new Poe piece will be completed. I think there will be a lot of little projects this year and maybe some Halloween party invitations. Anyway, I have a lot of thinking and planning to do for this but it has to start with the brainstorming! If you have any ideas, let me know either here or at my Facebook page!

Thanks for reading to the end!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

It Has to Start Somewhere

Some more pages from the large Dylusions journal.

I have more pages remaining than I realized and that fact has made me a bit stressed. I'm not sure why. I thought I was close to finishing it up but turns out not as close as I thought. So I've decided to just breathe, stop putting myself on deadlines, and just do what I feel like when I open it up.


Unbecoming:  Just pulled out the quote for this mess of collage. This was a start. When I first sit down, I just wanna use up some stuff within reach. This was the result. I generally am never happy with it but it's really just a warm up anyway.

Good Stuff:   My plan was to use a resist technique with a stencil I haven't used in a while, if at all. So I went with bright colors; orange and pink. Added transparent paste over them and decided on lime green for background. I intended this to just be a background but I fell in love with it. Done.

Balance:   I so loved how Good Stuff turned out that I decided to pull out a medium I hadn't used in a long time: glass bead gel. I did the same thing with this page and adore it. It's so hard to get a good photo of the little beads but it's so lovely in person. My words didn't come out great but they work well enough for me. I wish all my pages turned out this lovely but without the start, I wouldn't have been brought to this place. I can't wait for the next start to see where it leads.

Take care,

Sunday, June 02, 2019

A Quickie

A quick post to share a few art journal pages from the large Dylusions journal.

Chuck It!:  I just pulled a magazine cut-out from my folder and went for it. Acrylic paint makes the galaxy background and paint pens for the out lining and circle. 

GOT:  I never watched a single episode. I don't subscribe to HBO but I liked the magazine ad when it first debuted. Figured I should add it in for posterity. 

I am the Lorax:  I've always liked Dr. Seuss and The Lorax is a favorite of mine. I started with the notion of another flower page but the "flowers" looked so much like the trees from the Lorax that I decided to just move that way. While the background is pretty similar to GOT above, this page was done ages ago and I just recently added the little gel pen details that finished it off. 

See ya soon!