Sunday, October 29, 2017

Witch Market, Salem, Mass.

Another assemblage.
This one is a keeper.

I had several inspirations for this one. First was a vignette box done by Shari Carroll awhile back with some of the new Tim Holtz Idea-ology line for Halloween. She picked out a pair of "witches" from a paper doll assortment and I liked how they became her main focal point.

Secondly was the shape of the box. This is a shadowbox from Alpha Stamps. (This is a great place to go for little miniatures and shadowboxes of all shapes and sizes. It comes un-assembled but it's a no-brainer to fit it together.) The fact that the box had three little "shelves" allowed me to envision a cabinet-type design.

Lastly, I had a connection to Salem, Mass. As my sister did family research, she found an ancestral line that went back to Salem during the days of the Witch Trials. We weren't related to the accused but to those who tried to defend the "witches". And when I found Salem, Mass in the clippings stickers by Tim Holtz, well, my project was well underway.

Witch Market; Salem, Mass.:  I just painted the shadowbox black once it was assembled. I knew the witches would go in the large area and I decided to pair a pumpkin with them. I thought about how witches were suspected of cursing people so I added my own "evil eye" in the corner. The colors of the eye matched the background paper perfectly.

The background paper came from a new set by Graphic 45, Master Detective. The small spider print reminded me of a creepy wallpaper and surely was suitable for any witch. The bottles are from various sources. Some of them I colored with alcohol ink. The small labels are from a collage sheet from Alpha Stamps. I adhered everything down with Multi Matte Medium (Ranger) because it's the strongest stick I've found so far. (I just got some of the Extra thick Aleene's Tacky Glue. I have heard good things about it and will be trying it out to see if it will replace the matte medium.)

As a finishing touch, I added some fog to the ground and upper right corner. That's just a ripped up cotton ball with a smattering of Black Soot ink stamped on it to give it a smokey feel. Then, I added the stickers and called it done.

Thanks for hanging out with me, witches!

I'll see you on Halloween!

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