Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Collage Canvas

I told myself last year that I needed to use up the Halloween paper I had before I could buy more. I thought that would be a great incentive to use my supplies and it worked. Sort of. The problem was that I had SO MUCH Halloween paper I was running out of ways to use it. I think I could cover the continent with whimsical, glittery Halloween paper.

The real problem was that I am no longer into that style. I like cutesy, whimsical things at Halloween but my great passion at Halloween is strictly Victorian, classic and basic black. Candy corn colors no longer get me quite as excited as a moldy old skull pattern or a classic woodcut Jack O'Lantern.

That said, I still have tons of that paper. So I decided to make myself slightly happier with using it. I'll tear it up! Nothing makes me happier about throwing out paper scraps than scraps that are torn anyway.

I had this long canvas that I wasn't quite sure what to do with anyway.
But then I had an idea.

I can't tell you what paper pack/pad these are from but they were all from the same set. I've had it quite a while. The paper tore very well! I just started at one end and collaged my way to the other end. I saved out a few larger images to place over any gaps I might have.

Now my focal point is a series of small canvases. They measure about 2"X 2" and I got them in a craft store thinking I could make a quick magnet out of them. I found an old sticker alphabet that fit perfectly on them. So the letters and the squares are the stickers and the black background is the canvas. The letter stickers were a bisque-like white color so I painted them. It wasn't too bad of a project as the letter is raised from the surface so it was easy to isolate.

I added just a few bits and bobs for a bit more dimension. Old buttons, flowers, and rhinestones mostly.

I'm trying to take better photos so took this canvas outside.

So you're asking yourself, did she use up all her paper stash? Hell, no!
Will I throw it out now? Hell, no! I'm a paper addict. I couldn't possibly throw out a perfectly good piece of paper even if it is ugly or out of date. Don't talk crazy!

Here's hoping I find something to do with it before next Halloween! (or you'll be seeing another canvas like this one next year!)


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