Monday, January 02, 2017

Art Journal Adventure: Finale

I technically have one more prompt to complete for the Art Journal Adventure of 2016. But I'll probably only share it, if it's A-mazing. So it's on to 2017...and I'm already behind. No shocker.

If you'd like to follow along with the prompts or join the facebook group, you can find the information at the Joggles Blog.

So here's how a bunch of final weeks ended up:

Week 47: Drippage:   Drippage is always a challenge for me and this week was no different. I love the process but then struggle to make a finished product out of it. So I went with my comfort zone of color. Tried out a new stencil I had purchased and I think I'll be using it a lot! I used acrylic inks for the drippage.

Week 49: Use a brayer for background:   There are two popular items that I don't own (and probably never will): a die cutting machine and a gel press plate. Because I don't have a gel press plate, I'm not real interested in a brayer. It's not how I like to apply paint/ink. So this week (and next week) weren't easy to replicate. So I just went my own little way.

I added paint with a palette knife to the background. I used sticky snippets (from Joggles) to make some flowers. I tried to outline them to make them stand out from the busy-ness of the background but it still seems a bit messy to me. I am discovering that I like a nice neat background and I tend to have more ideas about how to finish it than when I'm working with a "mess". But I had a great time making the Snippets...I had forgotten how much fun that was!

 Week 50: Use a brayer over a resist:  Again, no brayer. And I was too lazy to try a real resist. I was trying to use up some old "spackle" that is drying out and I knew it wouldn't act as a resist to my paint. I had no plan for this page except that the stencil reminded me of falling snow. When my paints colored it mostly green, and I couldn't seem to highlight just the spackle (I have a heavy hand), I went a different route. While those may look like trees to you, I discovered that my fluid acrylic Vidirian Green makes a great Godzilla green.

For a touch of radioactive fire, I added blue gelato to highlight the spines and word and turquoise paint around the spackle.

Week 51: Freeform, repeat a prompt:  I decided to repeat the prompt of "Adding a face". Normally, this would have been the LAST prompt I'd pick but I have changed my tune. Faces don't intimidate me now that I have a few of the Joggles Fearless Face stencils. I LOVE these! I get a perfect face, head, eyes, all of it! (Honestly, I highly recommend these if you have a "problem" with faces!)             
 I just dripped rainbow colored ink (Dylusions) right out of the bottle onto the pages then glued on my face. I added strips of washi tape from my stash for her hair. I love this page.

So that's all of that journal. I'll be finishing up a few little details in it...a few "unfinished" spreads still. Those pages that needed a little doodling or line-work are still waiting for me.
But overall, I'm on to the next!

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