Sunday, December 18, 2016

Art Journal Adventure: Part 8

So not much time for artsy things of late. Sometimes I have time and no energy. Sometimes I just give in to the little voice in my head that says "it's all a waste of time". And sometimes, I just want to play Stardew Valley. But with the year coming to a close, my art journals are nearing their final pages. That prospect, the one of finishing something, lights my fire.

So with the distant hope that this journal will be completed upon the New Year, I'll share a few more pages I managed to complete. As a reminder: this journal is inspired by prompts found at the Joggles Blog.

Have Hope:  Week 44: Create a background using a resist. This page was completed just after the Presidential election. I was also testing out a new color of embossing powder to see how it looked without ink beneath it.

Don't Cry:  Week 45: Incorporate a face onto the page. I was super excited to see Face Stencils released by Joggles. I held off ordering them, knowing I had soooo many stencils. But honestly, I think I'll use these a lot. As I've mentioned I'm not confident in my drawing skills, at least, not at drawing anything realistic. And Faces scare me. I've watched tutorials. I've practiced. I'm sure I'm too critical of myself but Faces aren't something I can "fudge" well. Anyway, I used the stencils here. As I was tearing out "petals" of paper for her hair/crown, two songs played in my headphones. The connection just had to become part of the page. I added lyrics of both to the background. In green ink, "Don't Cry" by Seal and in blue ink, "The Crying Game" by Boy George.

As a note, I did screw up the lips. The pen I used was Very Juicy and the ink drifted under the stencil. I had to outline in black as damage control. The smearing is still a bit evident but I like the overall page so much that I don't even care.

Bring May:  Week 46: Less is More.  Since I had some schmutz on this page, I decided to cover it with the rest of the paper that I had used for the crown from the previous page. This was a heavy paper and the edge toward the spine bothered me so I just tore it off. It needed to be simple so just added a scrap and a butterfly. As I look at it now, the torn scrap of paper under the butterfly seems to be underneath the blue paper...thanks to that torn edge. The title comes from some of the words in the paper. It seemed fitting.

I've got a start on a couple more pages. Cross your fingers that this journal will get finished for 2016!
"Don't be so hard on yourself. Those tears are for someone else."  --Seal, "Don't Cry"

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