Monday, August 08, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103: Join the Resistance!

Last technique I will be attempting for this course is Texture Paste Resist from Day 3.
I just started a quick spread in my Large Journal to test out the principles. I had both Transparent pastes, in matte and gloss. I own these because I WANT my paste to resist. I don't want my paste to be sucking up color from beneath it or from above it. But I hadn't actually used them with ink, only over collaged paper. So...time to experiment.
I decided to do a side-by-side comparison. The page on the left is the Matte transparent paste and the right side is the Glossy. I applied the matte to a blank page and the glossy to a page that already had some spray on it.
The matte side dried clear and so I decided to put spray ink over it. I knew it would resist the ink but I wasn't sure if the ink would seep under the paste through the paper. It did not. I was very impressed. So I decided to go all-in and try black ink spray over the Glossy one.

It worked perfectly. I was mindful of how much ink I was spraying at first and blotted it up too early. I actually blotted up all the ink that was in the fine lines between the paste. Ooops. So I did it again, this time I even added some water and it worked fine. I really thought after my first saturation that the ink would seep underneath the paste via the damp paper. It DIDN'T! Happy, happy!
Just look at that close-up! I'm going to be trying this out for several ideas. The black background was Dylusions spray ink then I went over it with Dylusions paint because I didn't want any of the other ink to show through. And I just adore the glossy sheen.

This definitely makes my back pocket!

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