Sunday, December 20, 2015

Artist Journal: More

A few more pages done!

 Soar:  Still playing with old paint. I was using Golden Fluid acrylics here. (I've had these particular paints for years since I wasn't really sure how to use them. I'm starting to get the hang of it and some YouTube time with Donna Downey always helps. Once these are used up, I'll be investing in more. And it is an investment...whew, these paints aren't the cheapies!) Found a couple collage images but really couldn't tie it together any more than that. It's a colorful page but seems discombobulated. (Wow, seriously, SpellCheck, that's a word? And I spelled it right? Hmm.)

I did try the transparent texture paste again. You can kinda see the bubbles here. Still on the fence about it. When I use it, I always have the urge to go over it with something to make it pop. But if I want it to pop, why am I using TRANSPARENT paste! Seriously, I think this product is for specific occasions. Either way, it didn't really help this page.

Midnight Meditation:  I took a crappy photo of this page, my apologies. But it's amazing what a small image in an advertisement in a magazine will inspire. Just paint, image, and stickers but I like it. The little "white" dots you see are actually a light reflection off the epoxy star stickers in the background. They are black on black so they don't photograph real well for me.

The Butterfly Effect:  The whole page came together in a grand finale when I added the butterflies/moths. I was just collaging "circular" elements, then added in the air mail and "journey/travel" elements. More little stickers to use up brought the whole theme together. One small thing here can lead to one big thing somewhere else: the Butterfly Effect.

This journal is getting pretty STUFFED! I can't wait to play with more paint!
"Everything has Beauty but not everyone sees it." --Confucius

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