Sunday, September 21, 2014

Red Carpet Studio Challenge #79: Robin Williams Tribute

There's another Challenge at Red Carpet Studios! Go over there to find all the details and share a paper project with us to win a great prize!

Our theme this time is ROBIN WILLIAMS! It was sad news to hear but he's left such a legacy of laughter. His acting wasn't shabby either. Just think about your favorite Robin Williams movie and run with it! I made a little list of movies that I had seen with him in it and decided on one. It wasn't easy because he had a lot of great movies, but if you get stuck, here's a few ideas:
Mrs. Doubtfire...a card for a babysitter, nanny, or your hip-cool granny! Or a great scapbook page with a photo of your whole family!
Aladdin: That Genie was so magical! Go with a "Make a Wish" theme or an Arabian Nights feel.
Good Morning Vietnam!:  A salute to the military would work well here!
Hook:  A new twist on Peter Pan. Use pirates for a boy's card/spread or Tinkerbell for a girl's themed page or card.
Patch Adams:  Make a funny Get Well Soon card or use clowns in a layout.
Awakenings:  Make a layout with pictures of sleeping people or make a "Cheer Up" card for someone going through a tough time and is feeling alone.
Night at the Museum: Be inspired by Teddy Roosevelt! Make a vintage layout or card.
The Birdcage:  This is one of my favorites. I love him in this movie and add in Nathan it! Go with something flashy...bright and wild. Throw in a bird or two for good measure.
What Dreams May Come:  This movie lends itself so well to creativity. I adore this flick and may do another inspiration with it soon! The premise sounds dismal, in that everyone in the movie dies, but it's about the afterlife; how it is what you want it to be. Robin Williams' character finds himself "living" in one of his wife's paintings! Try your hand at doodling, painting, or drawing and see what dreams may come to you.
Dead Poet's Society:  Another favorite movie of mine. What inspires me most about it is the classic literature that gets quoted in it. Walden by Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Shakespeare and particularly, A Midsummer's Night Dream. Carpe Diem: Sieze the Day. Use some of these quotes in your creation.

Jumanji:  I picked this movie because, not only is it one of my favorites, it's one of those movies I can watch repeatedly and not get bored with it. I like how the "game" works and have often imagined some games coming to life. It was a childhood fantasy come alive. I like the fact that the jungle comes into an urban area as if to reclaim itself and how the consequences that get unleashed after every roll of the die seem to compound on one another and circle into the plot at different points. Overall, it's just a FUN movie with a warm message about family.

So here's my ode to Jumanji.

Jumanji Jungle:  This card is about 5" X 7" and is from Coredinations cardstock. The tag I made from lots of little collage images that I had in a set of ATC papers. I just added a little banner . I stamped and embossed "Wild Thing" and added some copper corner flourishes. I will remember Robin Williams as a crazy, unpredicable comedian and the sentiment made me think of that.

The animals all reminded me of the ones from the movie. The rhino and zebra in the "Stampede!", the lion that takes over a bedroom of the house. The ape reminds me of the boy transforming into a monkey, tail and all. And the others just to round out the wildlife of the jungles of deepest, darkest Africa where I imagine the first boy was imprisoned. Like something out of a Tarzan movie.

I hope you'll be inspired and join our challenge! There are many more movies than what I've mentioned so let's remember Robin Williams and all the great moments he gave to so many people!
"What will your verse be?" --Dead Poet's Society, Robin Williams

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