Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I was playing around with scrap paper at a National Scrapbook Day crop. I had these bright colors and this fuchsia metallic paper that just screamed, "child of the '80's". So I used them for a card.
It also fits the theme for Challenge #64: Circles and Squares over at Chocolate, Coffee, and Cards Challenge Blog.

Funky: With the neon trend popping up everywhere, I am in a constant flashback mode to the decade of 1980. The punched out squares of cardstock just seemed too plain to sit by themselves so I just added the dots with the tip of a black marker.

The word "funky" is more '70's than '80's but consider this a 1980 style card where the '70's haven't really disappeared yet. Music from that year still sounds like the previous decade so my card can be a bit of a cross-over. Besides, I was using up alphabet stickers and this was the best 5 letter word I could come up with. (Unless you count "junky" which I did not want to put on the front of my card. Ha.) You know how it is when you have those last few letters on the alphabet sheet and "U" is your only's like High School English class all over again!

Anyway, I like the card. Happy Week!

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  1. It certainly does fit our theme! What gorgeous bright, vibrant colours wonderfully combined to create a great layout! Funky and then some!!
    Thank you for joining us at the Chocolate, Coffee and Cards Challenge. Jane xx